View Full Version : Problems With Remote Start 96fwb

04-07-05, 08:58 PM
Hey guys...its me again...i just had an AUDIOVOX PRESTIGE APS996-a model alarm installed on my car. this is one of the best 2 way paging alarms available. It has the remote start and all the hot features. unfortunately, i have the factory alarm and keyless entry system and the remote start doesnt want to work properly with it there. i have to unlock the doors with my factory alarm remote first then remote start it with the new remote. the problem is because the dam data wire in fuse box area is green and theres also 10 or more other green wires there which is wat the installer said. he said if he connects it to the wrong one, something can go wrong like no power windows or locks or even worse. it is very hard to find which is the right wire becausse it dusnt carry current, just data. that is wat he said. there is a wire from the new alarm that is there to connect to this data wire to make it work properly but without knowing which is the right factory wire it is not going to work out.

this is the second problem. the factory remote has a remote trunk open button and the installer said i cant have the power trunk open because the power trunk only opens with the key in the ON position. thats the only way to get power to it. i asked if he could use relays to do it but he said it wont work out but i dont see why not. i only paid 110$ for installation while other places were charging well over 200$ just for installation.

i guess you get wat u pay for!
if anyone knows how to figure out these problems please le me know or if you knowwhere i can find the wiring diargrams for the factory alarm system.