: Vinyl Top Before and After

DopeStar 156
04-07-05, 07:12 PM
Havin' the vinyl top redone tomorrow so here's a few current pics of my top.

Here's one of the top and the emblems. As you can see the crest is faded and the top has faded into a sort of "speckled" appearance.

Here's a close-up of one of the faded crests

And although this looks like the skin of a burn victim, it's a close up of a piece of the top where the speckling is very evident.

The pictures may suck but I left my digital camera at school so you're seeing the quality of my camera phone. Tomorrow the top is being redone in garnet red and the crests are being replaced with brandy spankin new ones. I'm excited to see the results!

04-07-05, 07:37 PM
Tomorrow the top is being redone in garnet red...


That's a good looking car in that color. :bling:

More Pic's and Specís Here. (http://www.cardomain.com/id/hotrodsaint)

04-08-05, 08:11 AM
very nice car

i wish my digital was workin. i want to post some pics of mine. same color, same top, with velvet interior.

04-08-05, 01:23 PM
How's the new roof going so far? :)

DopeStar 156
04-08-05, 01:54 PM
Well I stopped by the shop because I left my house keys in the glovebox. The one top was already taken off and he was pouring some chemical on the roof and scrubbing it,I dunno what it was. All my emblems, chrome trim, and opera lamps have been removed. I should be picking it up around 4:30. We'll see the final product in a few hours.

04-08-05, 02:00 PM
Cool. It'll be like picking up your "new" car. :thumbsup:

DopeStar 156
04-08-05, 10:23 PM
It's back and I must say, bang up job! I'm very pleased. It's oo dark to take any pics now, but definately tomorrow. I've got a full wash scheduled tomorrow.

DopeStar 156
04-09-05, 02:34 PM
The pics are in! Enjoy.
http://www.cadillacforums.com/photopost/data/506/6136after1.JPG http://www.cadillacforums.com/photopost/data/506/6136after2.JPG http://www.cadillacforums.com/photopost/data/506/6136after3.JPG

04-09-05, 03:34 PM
Looks great!!

04-09-05, 06:39 PM
Wow! Nice job, what did it cost you?

04-09-05, 06:42 PM
Looks good DopeStar. The new emblems are as important to replace when replacing the top (I know from experience).

04-09-05, 09:16 PM
Looks awesome! Do you have a shot of the whole car with the new top?

DopeStar 156
04-10-05, 01:58 AM
Thanks! The whole job was $425. I'll take a shot of the whole car tomorrow when I have the daylight. It really makes the car way more attractive.