: Older Cadillac Trunk Leakage

The Pooch
04-07-05, 06:24 AM
I just bought myself a 71 Sedan Deville, and one thing among many others I would like to fix is that the trunk leaking. I examined all the rubber sealing around the trunk and it looks great I donít think that is how the water is getting in. Could it be the vents I see across the trunk or maybe a rear window seal some how leaking in? I talked to a pre 65 Cadillac owner I meet and he said it something he's just learned to deal with. I'd like to find a way to fix this cause I often carry music gear and other things that shouldnít get wet and the fact I live in the northwest where it rains a lot doesnít help much.

Also this is my first car I really want to take action with and do most the work myself. Iíd love to restore this car as much as I can so other tips you think would help like maybe some suggestions on getting rid of some of the rust I see and preventing future rust, and what ever else you think would help, will be appreciated. Thanks.