: pictures

Snotty Boom Body
09-11-13, 02:02 PM
When I look at a new thread and someone posts pictures I can see them fine but if I go back a second or third time to read new responses the pictures I viewed the first time are just gray boxes.
Any new pictures in the thread are viewable only the first time.
No second viewings on any pictures
What am I doing wrong?

09-16-13, 11:26 AM
Hey SBB,

I've never encountered this issue before. What browser are you using to view the forum? Have you tried clearing your cleaning your cookies?

- dm, community support

Snotty Boom Body
09-16-13, 09:19 PM
I'm using the forum mobile app on my android phone.

My desktop computer works fine with pictures.

It's just a one time view with pictures and then a gray box anytime I go back again.

I know it's pretty weird but that's what it's doing.

Not quite sure how to clear cookies on the app.