: difference between '93 and '93-96 fleetwoods?

04-06-05, 01:51 AM
can anyone tell me the differences between these 2 cars? '93 fleetwood and 94-96 fleetwood?

are the body parts interchangeable?

Are the auto level control parts interchangeable?

what is and isn't interchangeable basically?

Thanks for any help

04-06-05, 07:42 AM
Forget this post--I have been corrected :thumbsup:

But, like I meant to post, the drivetrain is different, but NOTHING with regards to the body (except for the mirrors) and most of the interior is different between a '93 and the later years.

04-06-05, 08:34 AM
Sorry but you're wrong about that. If you don't believe me, take a look in a bodyshop's crash book. You'll see a vast amount of the parts on the car are grouped either '93 or '94-96. There were a lot of changes after the '93 model year. There's actually a lot less that is interchangable from the '93 to the '94 and up, than you might think. Hell, damn near the whole drivetrain is different for starters.

04-06-05, 12:28 PM
Yup, 4L60 vs 4L60E, gear ratios were all different (less power in the TBI vs LT1, the TBI got better gearing, especially for a V4P car whic got 3.73's)

Did 93's even get Traction Control? Did 93's have 8.5in rear ends standard or were they optional? I know the older HT4100 RWD Cad's were std with 7.5in rear ends, as well as the 85 Olds B Body with the 307. So I wouldn't be surprised if the 7.5 (Ok, it was really a 7.625" or 7 5/8", but called the 7.5 in the later 80's and 90's) found its way into the B/D cars with TBI engines. But they did have substantial ore torque than the 307, so not sure what GM's breakpoint is to go to the bigger axle.

Wouldn't you think GM would cut costs and keep MORE common?

I would be willing to bet the changes are as sutle as the 90 Sedan DeVille vs the 91 SDV. They look a lot alike, but the chassis was mostly all new for 91. Most ly in the front end (roof, windshield, rear bumper, grill, most everything on the front clip, etc were different ) It was most noticed on the Bonneville line, look at a 91 (which used the 90 Cadillac SDV/FW chassis only shorter) and the 92 Bonneville, which was on the 91 Cadillac SDV/FW chassis. Big differences. Sure, the suspension interchanged, but not much else.

04-06-05, 03:42 PM
Well, like I just changed my post above, I was referring to more of the body/interior than the running gear. Engines, transmissions, etc. were changed right after '93, but MOST everything else stayed fairly much the same. For instance, every exterior body panel and trim piece was the same in '96 as it was in '93, except for the mirrors. Same for the interior, despite the new steering wheel design from '94-'96 and the new stereo system in '96.

04-06-05, 04:29 PM
Having been a past owner of a 93 and a current owner of a 95. I can tell you that I've noticed (taken with grain of salt due to my lack of car knowledge three years ago) that there are a few very noticable differences. The LT1 car gets about twice the gas milage. Which is a huge bonus. They felt about the same on torque but there is no comparison to power past 2000 rpm. There is a defog button to turn on the a/c if you are trying to use heat. The level ride compressor was moved in the later models to the front of the car (making them non-interchagable), but this did allow for a larger gas tank 22gal-->23 gal. The dual exhaust was a welcome change. and the mirros seemed to be a different shape.
to the 93's credit, the stereo system was much better. the 95 doesn't like most cd's, expecially rewriten once but I think that is due to the first owner being her own personal chimney. But even ignoring that, it still was much better. When I first got my 95 a went cruising around town playing some songs I played in the 93 and it was just shameful. No bass, mediocre quality. thats about all I can remeber of the 93

04-06-05, 04:51 PM
Wow, that's weird that you find your '95 getting much better mileage. My '93 is pretty amazing, or so I thought, and usually sips gas like a Kia--well, except until recently, but it's at 100k and I think it might be time for a little tune-up. My dad's '92 Roadmaster with 189k miles is, to say the least, well worn, but he gets even better mileage with his 350 TBI.

I always wondered what that DEFOG button was for on the newer cars. Weird that you find the radio sounds so much worse, since they are visually the same from '93-'96--maybe GM "decontented" back then too, replacing the the '93s speakers and such with cheaper parts. Then again, I never thought my '93 sounded all that good at all, so yours must be awful!

Never knew about the leveling compressor being moved to the front either.

All interesting points to show how things you can't always see actually changed year by year under the skin.

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04-15-05, 04:47 PM
the steering columns are different too if you look where the turn signal lever goes into the column.I als felt that the TBI 1993 was better on gas than the LT1.