: is there a market for 88 brougham parts

04-05-05, 09:27 PM
before i go buying this car, i want to know if there is even a market for parts from an 88 brougham in case i dont turn it into a driver

04-06-05, 08:09 AM
if i dont turn it into a driver, the interior is black leather and the exterior is very glossy black. but after looking at it again. i think i'm going to try to make it a driver. shouldnt take too much work.

if the air shocks are shot, i'll just have to replace them with whatever is suggested in all those other posts

04-06-05, 11:25 PM
I have an 88 parts car....nobody really wants parts off of it, but me...so ive pretty much stripped everything I want out of it and now its going to the scrap yard

04-07-05, 07:34 AM
alright, thanks

04-07-05, 01:07 PM
from the sounds of it you need to just fix her up and keep it or sell it, I want to get a hold of a solid black one. Have you ever though of making one of them your driver and the other one a project? I mean fully customize everything you could ever want on the car, custom wheels and tires, stereo, maybe air bags or hydros? anything you could possibly think of you would want. Then even while its apart you still have another good ole caddy to cruise in

04-08-05, 08:04 AM
i've thought about it, but the only problem is money. if i got some money though, i would go all out on one of them.