04-05-05, 08:22 PM
Is it really necessary to have to only use Dex-Cool (Pink color) as opposed to regular Green Anti-freeze? How many of you use regular anti-freeze? It's more convenient to use reg anti-freeze, but with the engine to oil leak problem on this car...just want to be extra sure I'm not contributing to unnecessary problems.

04-05-05, 09:00 PM
Its better just to stick with what it came with. DexCool is rated longer between flushes- 100,000 miles vs 30,000. This and the fact that Dexcool protects things like aluminium better are the reasons GM and others do it.

I cant stop you though.. if its really that important even if most autpoarts stores carry DexCool certified products, then go ahead and switch.

Are you referring to the Oil cooler? It should be ok with a complete flush.

There is also a universal coolant too...