: Floor Mats Needed

89 D'elegance
04-04-05, 10:59 PM
Besides the classic mats link on the left of this site, does anyone else carry classic floor mats for the older caddys, I need some RED ones for my 89 D'elegance.

04-04-05, 11:37 PM
I am planning on getting some of the custom mats advertised on the site real soon. The only thing is, I have a dirt driveway and everything gets filthy. Do you think it will still look cool if I toss some cheap clear mats on top of the custom ones? The ones I have are stock from 1988 and look like absolute crap now.

04-05-05, 12:37 AM

look around this site. this is obviously the old school logo. i was going to get mine from here but than my fuel line decided to be replaced with a plastic/rubber monstrosity by the previous owners that i just discovered :(