: Just snapped TWO studs on my exhaust manifolds, Need Headers suggestions ASAP!

09-07-13, 07:54 PM
Just as the title says. I was dropping the exhaust to do my shifter and when I dropped the factory cat back I had to cut the studs on the cats as they were rusted halfway through. When I dropped the cat back the collectors on the cats cracked too!

So I decided to swap in the cats from my parts car...and promptly snapped a stud on either exhaust manifold. I see where this is going. I'm afraid I'm goign to snap bolts going into the heads so I'm going to spray everything now with PB blaster and hope for the best.

What I am looking to do now is put on some headers, anything really. If you know of a set somewhere for sale I'm game! I need to get my car back on the road ASAP, and I'm hoping for next weekend. I was also about to mount the Magnaflow cat-back from the parts car so I would need the exhaust to bolt to a stock exhaust setup...but I'll modify it if necessary.

Steer me in the right direction please. I don't want parts made in China, and I don't want garbage. If I could find something reasonably priced that'd be great.

09-07-13, 09:25 PM
I believe his name on here is jmsweetv.


09-07-13, 11:21 PM
Thanks! I shot him a PM.

09-08-13, 01:52 AM
Hopefully he has more than one pair. I just pm him swell. So hopefully we can both get our hands on theses headers.

09-08-13, 02:49 PM
Has anyone that's done headers found that their driver's side rear exhaust manifold bolt was broken? The one on my car came off by hand...and broke off at the block. The one on my parts car is already missing, presumably broken off the same way. This is also a problem on the '94-96 Impala SS...but luckily the LT1 block has extra holes and aftermarket headers almost always use the hole not used by the factory on the driver's rear so the solution is simple.

09-08-13, 05:05 PM
I have a pair of factory manifolds, all studs intact, if you can't come to an agreement on the SW headers.

09-08-13, 05:12 PM
I appreciate the offer. I've also got a set of factory manifolds with intact studs...sitting on my parts car. After fighting with removing the first set I'd rather not do that all over again. Headers will hopefully be shipped tomorrow so I can install them and drive to the exhaust shop with open headers on Saturday!

09-10-13, 09:37 PM
Brian - I feel I owe you some commission! eagle co-94 sorry I didn't get them shipped out quicker for ya buddy, and will try and make it right even if it means refunding some money. However you got a great deal and I was 2 weeks away from getting them cerakoted, but we enthusiast must help one another out...right?

Which is a perfect segway to me needing new or newer gently used fe4 or coilovers. Yep, leaky front driver. Was wanting to put money elsewhere but suspension is what I've always been told to start on when building a more powerful than stock car. Now I am forced to.

I really like the LG Coilovers but cannot find them on their website....is it something where you have to call and they can set you up?

Where if ya'll know anyone that has an unabused set of fe2 or fe4 or whatever just shoot me a pm.

09-11-13, 12:30 AM
I've got a complete parts car that I could sell you the shocks from. I'll have to check them out as I don't know which ones they are.