: transmission removal/installation question

Kai Fransson
04-04-05, 01:42 PM
It started with a broken flexplate. The flexplate was changed to a new one. When installing the transmission one of the weldednuts, on the converter, does not reach the flexplate. A gap of about 2 millimeters occurs.

My question is why and if it is OK to force it together with the bolt?? Any hints or thought are greatly appreciated.

Kai Fransson

04-04-05, 03:01 PM
A slight gap should be ok to have the bolt bend the flexplate. If it was a 1/2 inch or so, then I'd be a bit worried!

04-04-05, 11:11 PM
Try spinning the converter a few times maybe the nose of the converter isn't seating properly in the crank. 2mm doesn't sound like much though...

04-05-05, 05:12 AM
If it is only one and the same of the nuts thats differs so. I would do as Fasstwood writes and try to rotate the conv. to see if you can find the problem. There is a chance that the conv. have had this fault from the beginning, maybe the reason to the broken flexplate. If you don't find any other fault than the conv. and the differ is no more than a cuople of mm, you could just place a suitable washer between the F.plate and the converter.

Kai Fransson
04-22-05, 02:36 PM
Thanks all of you!

I did some measurements on nuts height and they were all the same. Then I let the bolt bend the flexplate and it works great.

Kai Fransson