: Any performance parts for the N*?

04-03-05, 10:09 PM
I'm wondering if they make turbos or superchargers for the N*, something that can make it pass the 400hp mark. Is it possible?

04-04-05, 12:22 AM
It's possible, but not while the engine's in your car. There are plenty of ways to supercharge/turbo the engine, but none that will work with the factory ECM. That's the problem. I wouldn't trust a stock 4T80E with a 400hp engine anyway, unless it was built up. Use the search feature, to look for past threads. Many other people (including myself) have posted many times before on this matter. The only obstacle stopping any of us from mopdding the engine, is the computer, and the lack of ability to tune it for new performance parts.

04-04-05, 01:10 AM
A hundred shot will do it. For how long is the question.

04-04-05, 09:18 AM
Yeah, they do. Problem is, none of them fit right, so you gotta MAKE 'em fit. T04 turbo is what you want. http://cadillacforums.com/forums/images/smilies/coolgleamA.gif

04-04-05, 12:46 PM
Oh, you can get them to fit, that not the issue. The problem, is that the engine will run like crap, and probably get damaged in the process. You have to be able to tune the EMC, to allow for the proper timing, and fuel adjustments. Without the ability to do that, a Supercharger, or a turbocharger is worthless. That's what I meant by not being possible while in the car. If you ran the engine in another vehicle, you coudl use an after market engien management system, that doesn' have to b tied into the rest of the car. The's what CHRFab (Cadillac Hot Rod Fabricators). They build sandrails using the northstar as the powerplant. They have some kits, that will alow you to add one o two turbo chargers, a centrifugal super chager, or a blower on top. Hell, they even have a kit to converter it to a carbureter. As I said before though, none of this stuff will work with the factory ECM, without having it tuned for the proper adjustements.

04-05-05, 05:12 PM
Dan, the stock throttle body. so when i port this , there is a mounting plate attached to the throttle body also that has to be match ported to the TB, is this correct?

04-05-05, 08:56 PM
Yes, the thottle body spacer is the same diameter as the throttle body itself. Just porting the throttle body, won't do all that much. If you widen the spacer to match the new diameter of the ported throttle body, you gains will be higher.

04-06-05, 10:52 AM
what about any aftermarket heads or cams?

04-06-05, 06:57 PM
You can have the heads ported and there are cams available from CHRfab. I don't know much about the ported heads but I've heard the cams move the powerband so far up the RPM range as to make it almost useless for daily driving in a car.

04-06-05, 09:32 PM
It is not recommended to port, and or polish the intake side of the heads. While this will increase you hp, it will only raise the torque higher up, and make it much less sueful. This is the same case with the cams from CHRFab. They are useless in a street car, since all your torque will probably end up past redline anyway.

If your really looking to increase you acceleration, get a higher stall torque converter. This will allow the engine to rev higher into it's power band, before it launches.

04-06-05, 09:44 PM
While I've no interest in forced induction or radical mods to my car, I wonder if a turbo and an extra injector (and of course something to control it) would work with the stock ECM? The extra injector just needs to keep things within the realm of compensation by the stock system. This isn't uncommon on aftermarket turbo installations, and was the approach used by Callaway for the Twin Turbo Corvette.

04-06-05, 11:07 PM
First off, where would yu put the second injector. You would need an extra for every cylinder, unless you wanted to set it up like a cold start injector. You also need to adjust the timing. Nothing worse then hooking up a turbo, and finding out that detonation killed your engine.

Where are you going to put a turbo anyway? There's hardly enough room for the engine as it is. It's just not practical, or reliable to do, without reprogromming the computer, so that it will work with it, and not destroy the engine.

04-07-05, 08:10 PM
The XMS supercharger kit uses an 9th injector IIRC. I don't know how well spraying fuel into the stock intake manifold would work out since it was designed to be dry. You could leave the timing alone if you're on low boost and real high octane gas. It would be a pain in the ass and probably not worth it. That's why N2O is in my future.

04-07-05, 09:39 PM
Yeah, 104 Octane CAM2 race fuel, isn't available at very corner gas station. That's why it's not very practical, if you cannot reatrd the timeg enough to resist detonation. It's just not worth the risk of damage to the engine.

04-08-05, 05:46 PM
i looked at a throttle body from a junkyard, got him down to 75 bucks , i told him i need the spacer /adpapter plate that mounts to the TB.
another quick ques. never took off the TB yet, so i dont know . but hows the match to the intake manifold? is there a lip blocking it after i port both the adapter plate and TB?

04-08-05, 09:07 PM
Well, I think (not sure, haven't peered in there in a while) that the opening to the intake manifold is rougly the same diameter as the spacer and throttle body. Modifying the intake manifold is much more difficult. It is made out of a composite plastic, and I'm not sure I would want to mess with that. If you messed it up by accident, it can be very costly to replace.

04-09-05, 02:51 PM
hmm well if i can get the junkyard to sell me the TB attached to the intake manifold for around 100-150 bucks, it be worth messing around with. as long as i do a complete job with the TB and spacer, i can always swap that. ill give it a shot,i could always chuck it away. thanx for the info.

04-09-05, 09:38 PM
I was gonna say that if you bought a second set of all three, that would be good. Looks like you've got your whole plan worked out. Let us know how it goes, and if there's any significant difference. :thumbsup:

04-10-05, 10:32 AM
what ill do is dyno the car with my corsa/hi flow cat, and gutted airbox, see what the numbers are.
after the TB/mount plate, and possible manifold port. ill dyno that, too see the results that will be fact!

04-10-05, 11:37 AM
That would be great. If you can, try and post a pic of the dyno chart, so everyone can see. Good Luck with the project. :thumbsup:

04-11-05, 01:16 PM
What makes you guys think that increasing the size of the TB is going to make any more HP? It almost never does on other cars. What a larger TB does is increase "tip-in", so when you make slight throttle input changes it "feels" faster because you get more opening for less movement of the pedal. Since the restriction in the intake tract is at the valves, you could use a garbage can for a TB and won't go ANY faster. It seems highly unlikely that Cadillac would have left any easy HP on the bench.

04-11-05, 06:05 PM
i remember on my supercharged regalGS, going from stock 69mm to the Ls1 corvette Throttle body setup improved the throttle response massively. aside from the fact the stock Tb onm that car came with a lip and MAF blocking air passage anyways.

its something fun for me to do when i have free times on my hands. 75mm is large to begin with, but i saw a thread with the RSM tb an aurora guy dynoed the results, 5.4torque to the wheels, and 4hp to the wheels, not bad, anything to quicken the throttle response on this heavy beast is worth a shot. the only cost is the junkyard price, everything else i do myself. so 100 bucks isnt gonna kill me, if it works, it works, if it doesnt, it doesnt.

04-12-05, 07:35 PM
First off, where would yu put the second injector. You would need an extra for every cylinder, unless you wanted to set it up like a cold start injector.

The intake ducting would need to be rigid to take the boost. You could easily put it there. It only needs to work under boost and enough to keep the stock stuff able to fine-tune. This isn't an uncommon thing for aftermarket boost. I merely tossed it out as a thought. I'm not trying to do this to my car. :)