: Viper arms

04-02-05, 10:46 AM
Took my car on highway and today was a lot of snow and slush on the road after going about 50 miles the vipers suddenly quit i can hear the viper motor working but the viper arm are just shuddering but they are going no where(like second hand on the wall clock with low battery) and i can hear sound of click click .
Can somebody help

04-02-05, 12:10 PM
Could be the nut that holds the wiper arm in place got loose. To check that you have to pry out the cap that covers it with a flat head screw driver. If it's not loose then it's the gears underneath that makes it turn. I have not seen actual how the gears are fixed in place underneath, but if your lucky, it could just need some tightening a screw here and there. If you want to get a better access to the motor underneath, you will have to remove the plastic cover on top which means removing both the wiper arms. The fact the you hear the clicking sound means that the motor is runningand the clicking is produced by slipping of the gears. I suggest you deal with the problem immediately before you get the gears worn out which would warrant a sure replacement, and you know what that means. Wait till Steve reads this post and gives his opinion, he is some kind of a technician around here and so is Jeff.

04-02-05, 12:11 PM
By the way, I initially thought you caught a snake inside the car.:p