: 1985 Fleetwood parts and paint job needed

04-01-05, 08:36 PM
My '85 Cadillac is now underway to becoming a beauty, but I need to re-dye my vinyl top, get bumper fillers and a new paint job. I love the color on it now but it has little things here and there not noticeable when driving but when you are looking at it up close.

I looked at the one day auto paint and body shop and it seems too good to be true, under 1200 for a paint job? I don't know, I heard if it isn't around the 2000 mark don't count on a good job. Is this true?

I also noticed that the transmission is kinda late in shifting from 2nd to 3rd, it has a rough feel to it when I smash on the gas or slow down fast. I was told by one mechanic to fix it, another said don't worry about it till it really affects the car, any ideas on what to do? Plus, the transmission just got serviced.

Last and most important is, I need bumper fillers for the WHOLE rear, so that's 3 pieces I believe. I found some online places but wonder if there is more out there somewhere cheaper, plus I have surface rust on back bumper, I was thinking of doing the tin foil and coca cola trick to see if that helps. Can anyone out there recommend a parts place online or in/around Anaheim, CA?

04-02-05, 10:59 AM
Give me some help here fellas, tryin to have my CadilLaker on the road by summer....

04-02-05, 02:26 PM
From what I heard there are many Pick-A-Part junk yards out in OC. I know in the inland empire we have about 4 or 5, so pick up a phone book and look for automobile salvage and find the closest junk yard and go down there with your tools and some cash. Good luck.