: Inbox full at 1 message?

09-03-13, 05:46 PM
I've received an email claiming that I've used up my message inbox quota, but I've only got one message, the original welcome message. Is my inbox quota really just one message? I deleted it so that I could read the message, but nothing new shows up.

I see a line that says:

Inbox contains 0 messages. You have 1 messages stored, of a total 2 allowed. (Empty Folder)

How do I read my 'stored' messages?
I tried 'Empty Folder', and it asked if I wanted to permanently delete the messages, but I don't know what it's going to delete and I don't want to delete the unread message.

What should I do?

Here's the email I got:

Dear doubleKlutch,

[Somebody] has just tried to send you a private message. However, your private messages box on Cadillac forums : Cadillac Owners Forum has reached the specified quota. In order to receive further private messages, you must delete some messages. Please visit this page to do so:

All the best,
Cadillac forums : Cadillac Owners Forum

09-04-13, 09:23 AM
As you get more time and verified posts in CF your onsite PM limits will increase. In the meanwhile, try to remove any excess messages from your inbox.

Read the stored message or any message in your inbox, then delete it.

09-04-13, 12:49 PM
I don't have a Stored Messages folder. Perhaps that was made for you, idk.

Sub is right though, once you post more and the longer that you are here. The more messages you can send/receive.


09-04-13, 04:35 PM
I did delete the only message I had, the welcome message. My inbox is completely empty. It said I have 1 message stored (I assume that's a message I sent, which I have also since deleted.), of 2 allowed.

When do I receive the message that prompted the 'inbox full' email???

09-04-13, 04:37 PM
Let me copy this thread to Admin - they can mess with your site permissions settings - BUT it may take a day or so. Hang in there. Thanks.

09-04-13, 04:53 PM
From what i understand about the message center here you do have to account for the total sent+inbox folders
(also any other folders you may have saved messages to... but most people only use inbox and sent)

you will get a message that you are maxxed out when you try and send a message
(you were already maxxed out but sending that message would put you over the limit so it won't let you send it)

you will get an email (if your settings allow for it... i think default settings do) when someone send you a message but can't because you're at the limit and maxxed out

09-04-13, 07:48 PM
Let me copy this thread to Admin - they can mess with your site permissions settings - BUT it may take a day or so. Hang in there. Thanks.

Can we have admin post a notification or what not for the messages. So WE ALL will know what the specs are for the PMs? How much time/post does one need for PMs, how does the time/post count affect the allowed PMs?

Also can we look into a warning message, say "you are 3 messages sent/received of reaching your limit."


09-04-13, 09:23 PM
No - to posting the limits and to posting the warnings. No programs, apps, personnel in place for that level of scrutiny.

There are tip-in, tip-out limits for each and every new CF member - and they are determined by an informal system of observation and interaction between CF (and now AutoGuide) personnel. I personally have no idea of the in/out limits because I use the PM system for specific info and reply, not as a chat book. You (Kingoftypos) probably have some finite limit on Inbox and Sent size - we ALL have to go in and clear out the deadwood frequently. You should read the PM, act upon it, and delete it all. We're not running a 16 gb Gmail storage facility for each member here - PM's are strictly a sideline.

The idea of a DIC warning "You are nearing PM limit !" is commendable - but it doesn't exist.

There is a little insight contained in the sticky just above this thread, as well as in Rules and Guidelines.

09-05-13, 01:39 AM
I meant post the guidelines for PM and status level of a member. Not personally, but say as a newbie they are entitled to "x amount" of PMs. Then as they reach a certain level of time/post, then that number goes up and so on.

"Guidelines" was the word that I couldn't think of, hence my jumble of words up there. lol

When I started, I had no PMs at all until I reached 10 post. Then that number changed to 20 posts. And it was only 10 PMs in and out combined. Then at some point I became a Platinum Supporter and it jumped to 200 or something like that.

Now from what I hear, after a certain amount of post and time. The limit is 20 PMs in and out. But it's changed again apparently. Oh well, it was just a suggestion to have the said guidelines.


09-05-13, 07:46 AM
One of your keywords is "Supporting Member" at some level ........... and don't quote me, but I think the 20 PM limit is true.

09-05-13, 09:16 AM
A system that forces the user to clear out 'deadwood' because the use their PM inbox as a 'chat book' is a reasonable system. That system might have a limit of 10 or even maybe 5 messages.

You guys are talking about it like I have this massive inbox pile of refuse. The system has completely locked up before it could be used a single time. My message limit seems to be 2. I received the welcome message, sent a PM request to a member and hit my quota before even getting a single reply. And now it seems that the reply is lost forever. That is completely dysfunctional. It doesn't discourage mindless PMs as it doesn't allow mindful PMs, it just sends new users packing.

I joined the forum so I could try renting an SST from a member. Searches for that member (Pisinuoff) return nothing, so I've contacted somebody who rented the tool in hopes that he has contact info. PMs are not just for chatting with old members, they are also used by new members with specific questions.

I guess I'll send the PM again and then delete it immediately after sending it. ...sigh

09-05-13, 10:51 AM
PMs are a privilege that members who participate get to take advantage of ... new members must earn PM abilities

this is done partly as an anti-spam tactic to keep robots and human spammers from signing up and sending out PM spam
also partly to encourage participation in the forum and keep relevant info in the public eye rather than in the shadows of the PM system

in your specific situation a reply message in the relevant thread would have been just as good or even better than a PM since anyone with info for you could reply instead of just one person

09-05-13, 11:14 AM
Fair enough. You're right, a reply to the thread would be preferable. I just didn't want to derail it, but that's silly since it's directly related.

I still think the PM restrictions are unclear, but I acknowledge that it is probably a very low-priority issue that very few people encounter.

09-05-13, 11:20 AM
they are unclear because if they clearly stated what it would take for you to get normal PM access then the spammers would know what they would need to do to gain a larger PM box and spam away

at least that's how i understand it... a kind of security through obscurity

09-05-13, 12:12 PM
DK, As posted earlier, your particular problem is in the hands of Admin. You'll get a reply sooner or later - this entire site is not monitored 24/7.

Moderators and Supers take out the trash - Admin makes the policy and decisions.

09-06-13, 12:02 PM
I think Chris explained why we have a PM limit in place the best. We have had an issue with spammers on the forum in the past and we would like to prevent them from spamming users via pm, since we cannot see the PM spam they send unless it is reported.

As mentioned by Chris, as you become a more active member on the forum your PM limit will increase.

- dm, community support

09-06-13, 12:41 PM
Mines doing it too 1 message received 1 sent capacity 100%

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09-06-13, 04:09 PM
Did you read Post #16 ?

12-04-13, 07:14 PM
Well thanks everyone i had the same question and got my answer from reading your posts. Now i feel less of an idiot and realize I'm not the only one with questions about the forum and how it works.

12-04-13, 07:22 PM
Go to the upper black/blue-black bars and click FAQ. There are a skrillion links to all sorts of site questions. Also, read up on the Site Rules and Guidelines - more info there.