: help please no oil pressure ??

04-01-05, 08:05 PM
i am new to the forum, i posted a couple of threads last night 3/31/05
i dont know if i did something wronge but i cant see that i have received any replys
i just got a 98 catera about a week ago,when i 1st drove the car it did great,i took the car to a gm dealership and had the oil changed,now i am showing no oil pressure,and the warning light is on,the car is not knocking,and still runs fine.
what could be the problem ?
what can i do or what can i check or replace to get my oil pressure back ??

could someone please help, if you could reply & forward me a email to
i would greatly appreciate it

thanks, johnj.:banghead:

04-01-05, 08:20 PM
First of all, DON'T DRIVE IT until you figure out why no oil pressure. You can DESTROY your engine. Check the dipstick. Make sure the idiots at the dealership filled the oil. Then call the dealer and tell them to TOW THE CAR BACK. It's too coincidental that you get an oil change then no oil pressure. I suspect they left something loose.

04-01-05, 08:34 PM
thanks stevehogan for your quick reply.
it is full of oil,they say that everything has been checked,they have been very helpfull so far,could it be a pump,a switch or maybe the guage ??
i was hoping somebody else had seen this sort of thing before with another car.

04-01-05, 09:01 PM
Thats not right... Did they even check for oil pressure with a meter? Sounds like the just checked it visually.. :annoyed:

Where did you buy the car from?

04-01-05, 09:28 PM
they said the manual guage showed about 7psi
the car came from a individual

04-01-05, 10:25 PM
its is also strange that the guage does not seem to move at all,does not seem to change from idle or when you give it gas,no change cold or hot ??

04-02-05, 09:18 AM
Well, 7 PSI is way too low, even at idle. The GM spec in the GM Catera service manual for idle pressure (measured at the Oil Pressure Sending Unit) is 21.7 psi. So the GM tech is wrong in telling you that it is OK. And the Oil Pressure sender and Oil Pressure light are two seperate electrical circuits. They are contained within the same unit (the aforementioned Oil Pressure Sending Unit) but both elements within the unit would have to be bad for both the light and pressure gauge to be malfunctioning. With low or no oil pressure, you WILL blow your engine.

Could it be the oil pump? Sure, but I would expect you to hear some noise if it was bad. Typically they fail with a cracked pump element, which rattles when the pump is run. Could it be the gauge cluster? Sure, but it is mighty strange that this happened right after an oil change.

Because this happened right after an oil change, I would first change the oil filter, just on the off chance that the new one is defective in some fashion and is blocking oil flow. This is really rare. Even so, the GM tech should have done this when he got the 7 psi reading. (I don't believe that the tech actually did a mechanical gauge check.)

You mention that this was a purchase from an individual. Was this individual known to you? Can you ask them their experience with oil pressure? It's possible that you have a car with extensive oil pressure problems (very worn bearings, for example) and the individual filled it with VERY heavy oil to cover up the problem and sold the car.

No matter what, with oil pressure that low or non-existent, you definitely have a problem that is life-threatening to the engine.

04-02-05, 03:19 PM
are there any products like high volume oil pumps for the cateras available to boost oil pressure

04-04-05, 01:14 AM
I would at least change the oil filter. It could be defective and blocking flow somehow.
If they went inside the engine, I once messed with an oil pump and when putting it back on, the gasket slipped a bit and partially blocked the flow. I had very low pressure until I took it apart looking for what I had dropped in it. You never know what goof ups can occur.