: I need new ball joints

04-01-05, 05:28 PM
Does anyone out there know where you can buy the front ball joints for a 1997 Cadillac Catera, other than at the dealership? I checked with "AutoZone, Checker, and Napa" and no dice. They are unreasonably priced at the dealership, but i know i need them and want "new" ones, thanks for the help.

04-01-05, 06:50 PM
If you are sure these are your ball joints (lower ball joint is the only one on these cars) just follow that link


or simply go to www.parts.com and check every site listed there.

04-04-05, 07:08 PM
do you need to do an alignment after replacing ball joints?

04-04-05, 08:14 PM
To be on the safe side yes- anytime you replace a front end component it shoild be checked for alignment after the job's done.

04-06-05, 10:58 AM
Thanks guys, I appreciate the links