: What are the odds???

04-01-05, 03:49 PM
So I went downtown today, in the thriving metropolis of Madison, WI, to cast my ballot in the city & school board elections. (I'm traveling next week and will be gone on election day so, being a good citizen, I filled out an absentee ballot). I park my car in one of the few "free but you can only stay 10 minutes" spaces in front of the state capitol. I run over to the city office building and cast my ballot. I come back out and WOW, there is a IDENTICAL Catera parked right next to mine. The only difference I saw was the Sirius satellite antenna on mine. Same color, etc. Wierd feeling. Sort of lost my uniqieness :D I have this problem all the time with my wife's Lexus LS400, but there are at least a million of those. Not so with Cateras. Might be kind of fun to plot where all of us are on the map.

04-01-05, 08:36 PM
Heh.. it happens... ive seen an exact one of ours running around town; too bad it has the HID headlights and while ours does not :rolleyes2 Oh well.. silverstars do good for now lol.

04-01-05, 08:38 PM
There are alot of Cateras here in VA, I see a couple every week. I guess VA drivers have better taste :)

04-02-05, 12:53 PM
What part of Va do you live in? I'm just outside of Lynchburg and have seen a few Cateras around, one just like mine.

04-02-05, 01:13 PM
I'm in Washington DC metropolitan area, and we do have alot of them here.

04-08-05, 07:26 PM
In the month+ I've had mine here in Southern Nevada, I've been watching. I have seen a grand total of one other Catera.

Why the scarcity. The dealer told me that they've all been sold out of the market because the heat runs the fans in the summer even with the car off, and batteries get killed. Dealer also said that they haven't taken one in trade since Christmas. I believe the lack of trades. The fan thing sounds like a crock to me. We'll see.

Anyway, I can categorically state that Cateras in Southern Nevada are as rare as a sister of Bin Laden without a mustache.

04-09-05, 06:33 PM
im in Windsor,ont Canada (across from detroit) and ive seen about a dozen here since i got my cat a couple months ago, just the other day i seen a black cat on some niice chrome blades, wish i could ask where he got em!

04-09-05, 07:21 PM
They're all over in Florida here; mostly 97-99's but few 00-01's. I see atleast 1-2 , sometimes 3 a day.

04-11-05, 11:21 AM
Hello - Winchester Massachusetts here, about 10 miles from Boston. I have only seen about 10 in the two years I have had this car, 2000 Gold. I have never seen another Cat identical to mine.