: Ls7 clutch kit..what slave?

Greg O.
09-03-13, 07:24 AM
I dropped in an LS7 clutch kit and used a new LS7 slave...Not shifting very well...Do I need the SL1 OR LS2 slave?:alchi:
2006 6.0 iron block...Too much tq. and power for that clutch, but gotta granny it for now. My twin Mcleod took a dive when the installer put in the wrong pilot bearing. Installer stole my rps twin and kept my good LS2 slave...I need another drink:alchi:make that a six pack:alchi::alchi::alchi::alchi::alchi:

09-03-13, 08:02 AM
LS1. Go get your RPS back! It's only $1000 to send it back and have it completely rebuilt. I sent back my carbon/organic and upgraded to full carbon and no marcel spring for $650. I'm not sure why the upgrade was cheaper but I didn't complain.

Greg O.
09-04-13, 01:04 AM
If I try to get the clutch back I'll be like OJ..in prison...So I am over it.....There are a lot of aholes out there working on LS stuff who are worthless theives...So far I have met 4 with a total cost of 27grand in shaby work and bad attitudes and ethics...My tuner Jeremy Formato is not one of those...He is a good tuner, he spent 3 1/2 hrs. with about a dozen pulls and test drives with laptop..He did a conservative tune at 9/14/18 psi that I set on my AEM guage....Never tried 14 or 18 yet cause of octane...but 93 octane with dual large meth jets gets me 540whp@629'lbtq. Damn shame in over 2yrs. I have 1500 miles trailering it to shops as far as Ct. and drove it to OC 2yrs. ago and the good tune at Keith's Pit Shop in Gettysburg PA. SOOOOOO I have driven it app. 700 to 800 miles...Still has 30,000 on odometer....Anyway, I hope my mechanical friends and I can get this bled properly, so I can finally get it on the road with no issues....With the 06 rear and LS7 clutch I will be doing a lot of granny shifting

My 20lb.RPS flywheel and pressure was stolen by my installer with my ls2 slave. I have all the discs in great shape with the $109.00 worth of their bolts. and some kind of a larger throwout bearing that Carolina Speed said I needed with the LS7 slave...U have to take apart the slave and put the larger dia. hub or bearing on it..Damn it's been so long it will probably take me a week to find that part...I think the larger bearing forslave was well over $100bucks...But I need the flywheel and pressure plate...thanks man..GREG O. Never heard anyone complain about RPS.

09-04-13, 06:32 AM
The larger bearing is for the RPS to mate with the larger ID on the pressure plate fingers. It's $40-50 at rockauto.com.

Sorry about your bad luck with douches. I'd definitely be in jail.