: 2005 XLR Cruise Control Issue

09-02-13, 12:55 PM
I have a 2005 XLR and my cruise control is out.

I need a new cruise module but my dealer said that they are no longer being manufactured.

The part number I need is 10349974.

Anyone know about this issue?

09-03-13, 07:30 AM
Try here:

http://www.gm-auto-parts.com : $1089

http://www.newgmparts.com :$1351

http://www.shop.gmpartscheap.com :$1134

http://www.gmpartsdepartment.com :$1087

http://www.gmpartsdirect.com :$987

http://www.gmpartsshop.com :$1144

Hope one of these vendors has the part you need!

I've seen these oneBay too. Otherise, you'll have to go online and search salvage yards.


09-05-13, 06:36 PM
All of these websites show that they are available but no one has them in stock and this part has been discontinued.

09-06-13, 07:37 AM
There are several listed on eBay. Do be aware that DSCC modules are year-specific.

Good luck!


09-08-13, 10:33 PM
I wont pretend to know much about the DSCC used in the XLR, but I would have to assume that the adaptive cruise control system used in the XLR is likely designed similarly to the STS that I have.

My STS has had a lot of radar cruise control issues, each time the 'faulty part' had been the multifunction lever.
Before I bought the car it didn't work, the dealer told me it needed a new radar cruise module ($1k+ part), I made it part of the sales deal that they repair the cruise.
They agreed to fix it before delivery. fast forward a few months and about 13,000 miles worth of driving and more cruise control issues started happening, dealers had issues figuring out what the issue was and what was causing it.
Eventually I called the selling dealer to ask them what they actually replaced. Found out it was the Multifunction lever (less than $100 part) that they actually replaced. Told my dealer to look into that part and it was reporting open circuit from time to time but it wasn't storing codes for it long enough for me to have issues and them to see the code.

So basically what I am saying is get to know that cruise system very well before trying to locate and spend that kind of money on a part when it could be a different part.
You may also want to check the connections/cleanliness of the connectors etc...

Also Chris Heath at Rippy Cadillac is a good place to get parts for a good cost and he will go above and beyond to get things done if its at all possible.
(got my export STS lamps from him that other dealers wouldn't consider ordering for me, was able to locate navigation firmware upgrades for the STS that other dealers said didn't exist)

02-04-14, 11:42 AM
ckidd92, did you find a solution?:confused:
I have the same problems here in Europe - nobody is able to help me.:rant2:
DSSC for 2004 and 2005 models are not available at all and are different from 06 and younger models.
Here in Europe less that 400 XLR were sold. Only 180 units of 04 and 05 models.
Thank you in advance for any idea.

02-14-15, 04:27 PM
I know this is close to being a necro-post, but SMC advertises DSCCs in both flavors 06 and >06 for anyone looking. http://www.smcautoparts.com/15807003-Cruise-Control-Module-p/15807003-axx002.htm


02-10-16, 04:32 PM
CC, my '06 XLR just threw the "Service Radar Cruise" message, is this likely the part I need? They're selling for 130 bucks, and NOTHING has been that cheap for this car, EVER.

Thanks for all you give to this community!


02-10-16, 07:57 PM

I answered your PM before I saw this post, so I'll sum it up for someone down the road who may have a similar problem, and add a little more info.

A Tech 2 would be able to scan the module. If you don't have access to one, you could pay a dealer to troubleshoot the circuit, and either have them install your part (it may require mechanical alignment with a special tool) or install it yourself and see if it works.

Before buying anything though, I recommend inspecting the DSCC bracket to ensure it isn't bent, loose or the DSCC module isn't loose either. A Tech 2 is required to set the re-learn program on the new module.


02-10-16, 09:40 PM
To access the DSCC module, you need to remove the driver's side smoked-plastic cover (the passenger side is cosmetic.) Press in on the side of the cover nearest the center grill. The cover is held in place by two tabs there.

Clean the cover and face of the DSCC module with a 50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and water and a dampened, lint-free cloth. This could get it working again. . .

To replace the module,

1) Remove the driver's side air cleaner box.
2) Disconnect the DSCC electrical connector.
3) Remove the DSCC cover if starting from scratch.
4) Remove the DSCC fasteners.

Install the new DSCC:

1) Position the DSCC module on it's bracket.
2) Hand-tighten the three fasteners removed in step 4.
3) Tighten the fasteners to 7 ft/lbs.
4) Connect the electrical connector.
5) Replace the cover.
6) Reinstall the air cleaner.

At this point, you you need a Tech 2 to program the DSCC to automatically align it to the vehicle. If the DSCC requires manual adjustment, a DSCC aiming tool (J-45442) is required.

You don't need an XLR tech for this. Any GM dealer with a Tech 2 and a Service manual can program the DSCC. It just take a few minutes.