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03-31-05, 04:01 PM
i bought my 79 coupe a year ago thinking i would be going to WSU for college. hence using it as a daily driver to go to work and school for just a year. doesnt look like ill be going to wsu now. so ill be driving to community college, and with community college comes the daily commuter. ill be looking to spend 1-3 grand and just need something that will last 10k miles, something with under 150-200k miles, and gets, of course, good gas mileage (a sedan would be better). i plan to, if the 'man' gives me oodles of money to 'live', trick out my caddy and only put tints and a system on the new commuter, something to scare white people with, you know. any ideas? my perfect commuter would be a cheap late 90's plymouth breeze or even a neon.

yes..a tinted, lowered breeze scares even the whitest of us.

03-31-05, 06:13 PM
My uncle has a Breeze. It's slow and boring even though it's the 5 speed stick version. Neons are OK. I'd go with a v6 Chevy Corsica if I were in the market for a gas sipping daily driver, I have a certain fondness for them. Or you could get a Toyota or Honda and fall asleep at every stoplight because your car is so boring...

03-31-05, 11:30 PM
i picked up an 89 corsica 2.8v6 in november as a winter car...now im selling the caddy and keeping the corsica. %$#@! i hate myself for doing that. but my point is the chevy has been good to me so far...probably because it only has 24,000 miles on it!!

04-01-05, 12:36 AM
Or if you wanna be uber-cool... Get the Corsica's kissing cousin coupe rocket... Chevy Beretta Z26.

04-01-05, 12:49 AM
Yup, Corsicas are where it's at for inexpensive economy cars. Stay away from the 4 bangers though. And if you run across a white one it will definately get the paint disease if it's not running rampant already, either that or it's been repainted.

I've got a custom Corsica hood I'll sell ya for $200... :p

cattleack that's sad you have to sell your Caddy :crybaby:

The Berettas actually outweighed the Corsicas and only the GTZs were actually faster than the 3100 Corsicas. None can match the styling of the Corsica W3.1 "Corsica de la Muerte." The Z24 was the faster Cavalier, Z26 was the Beretta. The Beretta Z26 got the 170hp Quad 4 in 1994, in 1995&6 it got the 160hp 3100. The fastest Berettas were the pre Z26 90-93 GTZ models with 180hp Quad 4s. Q4s lacked the 3100s torque though so they're very close. Sorry for rambling on but I like these cars..

04-01-05, 01:50 AM
you could always get the time-tested chevy Cavalier:sneaky:

But I mean, Hondas are THE daily commuter, fuel economy cars. Who knows, you could always rice one up?:rolleyes:It wouldn't be too boring then huh?

If you still want luxury you could go with an Acura, which is a Honda with leather seats, so its psuedo-luxury and great fuel economy.

OR OR OR if you still want a Cadillac, there's always the Cimmaron option:histeric:

04-01-05, 01:58 AM
Agreed on the Acuras, an early Integra in good condition is always a good choice.

04-01-05, 02:04 AM
The Legends are also pretty good too; that was before Acura got into the mode of making Hondas with Leather and badging them Acuras. The Legends was an actual luxury sedan. Not to mention they had V6s with 230 HP. Not some 4 beater. Look for an Acura Legend LS Sedan. It shouldn't dissapoint:thumbsup:

04-01-05, 02:27 AM
Legends are sweet, but resale is still high and some have had head gasket issues. I almost bought one, but the transmission failed before I signed the papers. Oh well.

I suggest a Nissan Maxima, Honda Accord (4-cyl), or Mazda Protege.

04-05-05, 08:07 AM
Mazda's and Mitsubishi's are underrated.
A nice 626 can be had real cheap.
Toyota's and Honda's retain so much value it makes more sense sometimes to buy new.

04-05-05, 08:58 AM
Yeah, Mazda has always been pretty good. You have to watch with those Mazda 626's though. Some years they were really good and others they weren't so good. I remember in particulular the early 90s models have a cool feature with the A/C where the vents would occilate (sp?) but after a while the motor burned out.

Your best bets on the 626 would be the '94-'96 models and the '00 and up models. They seem to have the best reliability.

04-05-05, 01:22 PM
The 626 V6-Auto or I4-manual is best. I got 250k out of my '95, sold it in mint condition.

The I4-auto is HELL. That damn POS CD4E transmission from Ford, argh!