View Full Version : ATS autocross

08-31-13, 09:42 PM

I was pretty impressed with the way ATS handles! I look forward to getting car on a road course! I'm not big into autocrossing! There was 80 cars total at the EVO/dsm shoot out that ran the auto cross. I finished 19 th overall with stock rubber on the car! Car impressed a lot of people!


That was first run, ran 34.50 and best run was a 33.53! Fastest car ran 29.89 I believe

Stevo Supremo
09-01-13, 09:11 AM
awesome man! I autoX with my ATS and it consistently shocks the crowd at how amazing a caddy is at handling. Looked like a great run you had there to! ever thought of "glossing" that black on the front of the car?

09-01-13, 01:58 PM
Yes, I did the black to see if I'd like it first. The entire front of car is done in clear to try prevent chips from just everyday driving! I had ordered 3 different ATS cars, I couldn't decide on color! Lol. Love black but being OCD I would go nuts! Blue was another choice and so was grey!


I also have auto trans, I miss shifting but wanted AWD! Hopefully in the future they will make AWD model with 6 speed manual. Only downfall is clutches with AWD, damn tilton clutch I had in EVO was 3500 dollars!!!