: WOT advice

03-31-05, 01:42 PM
:hmm: Hello all
I really, really need to clean the carbon ? (I guess) buildup on my engine. Never redlined in the 2 years I've had it.
I am affraid to do so. I had an inner oil leak repaired about 1.5 years ago, and I have been told (On this forum) that when they are in there, they should do something called "timeserts"...and I fear they did not. NOW, in the meantime, the dealer who did it, moved to another dealer? (cadillac to GM dealer)? So, I am trying to see if they have the records, and could they tell me if timeserts were done.
That's what's scaring me.
When I got the car back, the man said "you have a brand new engine"? I WISH. I'm affraid to do WOT, but am wanting to also.
SAY THE TIMESERTS WERE NOT DONE, if I try to redline and blow the carbon, what's the worst that can happen
p.s., she's got 99,2?? miles, and just had oil change 2 weeks ago. She also does 'use' about a quart of oil every 1000?

Eagerly waiting advice. Should I, or Shouldn't I?

kdw :)

03-31-05, 02:42 PM
I don't think it will make any difference whether it was Timserted or not. If it was not Timserted and the threads are going to pull, they are going to pull, WOT or not. My understanding is that if done under warranty GM will only pay to Timesert holes that pulled threads, not as a preventative measure as is advised on this forum.

What type of oil leak did you have repaired? Halfcase? Timeserts are only needed if the heads were pulled.

03-31-05, 02:50 PM

Um, not sure what leak, but I was told it was the "Inner Oil Pan", like there's one "inside" and one "outside".
They did the "inner" oil pan?
dunno, I guess. The dealer should have records, no? And, if they should have done them and didn't, can't I insist?
thanks a million.

kdw :)

03-31-05, 03:40 PM
The timeserts apply to the head bolts. Not something that was likely disturbed in the oil leak repair.

Quite worrying and hammer on it. It needs it. The use of WOT will not affect whether the head bolts need/were timeserted or not. The engine was designed to run at full throttle for hundreds of hours. An occasional full throttle accel is not going to hurt it in the least.

03-31-05, 04:00 PM
"Worry-about-my-cherry-belle" is my first and middle name.
Yes, I worry.
Also, in "D" as hard as I've 'hammered" it, never even gets close to 5,000RPM, not even close to redline, so that's what scares me about it.
I know your right, and I'm so glad you responded. I dream about bad things happening to her, and have cried like a baby, when I thought she was not on the 'lift' at my dad's garage correctly. (one of four support arms on lift was resting comfortable on my GAS TANK and not the frame of the car, dad had a few drinks and I didn't realize, but made boyfriend take her to someone else, I guess the gas tank is fine, but I digress).

OK, so in the morning (when less cops out) I will, what? Put her in 2 (or 3) and just plant foot firmly on floor, and watch for GLORIOUS cloud of smoke?
bbob, and ranger, thanks alot, I'll let you know how it went.

She NEEDS it, right?
kdw :)

03-31-05, 04:22 PM
With an ETC if your foot is firmly to the floor and the trans shift lever is in drive the transmission should automatically shift at about 6500 RPM. That is normal and the way it was designed and calibrated to work. Put it in drive, roll off and hold your foot to the floor HARD and see where it shifts out of first gear. It should rev to 6500 under full throttle without doing anything other than nailing the throttle. If it is not shifting at 6500 then you don't have your foot on the floor (move that seat forward so that you can FIRMLY put the pedal into the carpet) or something is wrong. I find that most people think they have the pedal to the floor...but they really don't because their seat is so far back that they cannot get the pedal down. Be carefull and make sure you are pointed in the direction you want to go when you nail it.....we do not need to creat hooligans or statistics in properly maintaining these engines.

03-31-05, 04:26 PM
Quite worrying and hammer on it. It needs it. The use of WOT will not affect whether the head bolts need/were timeserted or not. The engine was designed to run at full throttle for hundreds of hours.

This is why I love owning a Northstar.. I don't hammer it much but it's not to know everything is alright when I do...

03-31-05, 04:47 PM
Well, that 'hooligan' ship has sailed...LOL....but I agree that my foot has never met the carpet.? But if you say so. I'll do it. You say do WOT in drive? Or is it more effective in 2 or 3?
Your thoughts?
kdw :)

03-31-05, 09:36 PM
Put it in D- point it in the direction that has lots of room- stand on it-have both hands on the wheel- hold on and enjoy! The gas cutoff may enact at about 115 to 120 mph if you are enjoying it so much you forget to take your foot off of the pedal.............like a jet, it does not even flinch.......keeps on accelerating. A few WOT and oil consumption, if you are having any, reduces and everything enjoyable happens. Good luck, have no fear, and it is like NO other car I have ever driven........very addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-01-05, 11:22 AM
Thanks for all advice and reassurance.

I wanted to WOT this morning, but too many cars in my way. (slow pokes)...So. I'll have another try maybe early tomorrow morning, or take it to race track if I have to. She's way overdue (never) and I'm anxious to feel the difference.
Will carbon blow make her feel less "heavy"?

anyway, I'll let you know, when I get-r-done (sorry for that)

kdw :)

04-02-05, 09:23 PM
You don't have to be on the interstate or the highway to wot it. In fact, the highway isn't always the best place to wot it. You see, by the time it hits the redline, you will be well over the speed limit. I tried the second gear thing one time, but I think it's hard on the car, getting into the abusive arena. If you have never wot'ed it, this second gear thing isn't for you. (I don't blame you about the car on the lift. I don't care who it was; picking my car up by the gas tank would be the last time someone touched my car.)

Take off from a standstill with a wot. Don't hammer it from an idle; rather, a gentle but fairly quick romp to the floor. I have no clue as to what speed the car shifts from 1st to 2nd, but it isn't as if it's an insane speed. You see, I never have looked at the speedo because I'm paying full attention of what's on the other side of the hood. After all, that's part of responsible driving: If you have it on the floor, you're attention should be 100% on the road.

Sitting first in line at red lights with open highway are my number one areas for wots. (Do you look both ways, even though your light has just turned green?) Merges onto interstates/highways are another fine place to do wots. Real simple! Just kick it. When you reach the end of the merge, it's quite easy to see whether you filter in front or behind.

You know, you don't have to make it complicated.

04-02-05, 09:46 PM
I noticed that you asked abotu whether it shoudl be in D, or one of the other positions. Like Bbob said, D is fine. Jus mash your foot to the floor. How ever, if you put the selector in 2, the 1-2 shift will be much different than usual..hehe. The difference I speak of, is the chirping of the tires. Quite a feeling I must say, when it throws you back into the seat.

The L37 will shift to 2nd gear at rougly 40mph, when under WOT. The shift to 3rd gear comes at about 75-80mph. I'm not sure when it will shift into 4th, since I run out of room every time I give it WOT. Like an01sts said, you don't have to stomp n the pedal, just pushed it to the floor. If you do stomp on it, you'll get lot's of wheel spin. Either way, the car will still give you one hell of a ride. Good Luck, and remember to have fun while you do it.

On a side note, you don;t have to do it from a stop all of the time. When merging onto the highway, you can also WOT it to merge every once and a while. This will help in the long run, and reduce the amount of WOT you woyuld have to do from a dead stop. Good Luck. :thumbsup:

04-03-05, 10:50 AM
I do the WOT occassionaly in "D". I get to redline, full power shift and back off, all before reaching the speed limit.

04-03-05, 01:13 PM
I do the WOT occassionaly in "D". I get to redline, full power shift and back off, all before reaching the speed limit.

Oh sure, Ranger. Hey, does this look like traffic court to you? It's OK, we know you hit the max speed cutoff. They can't arrest you for that. "But officer, I was just cleaning the carbon from my rings like Bbobynski told me to do!" :thumbsup:

04-03-05, 09:27 PM
My grandpas friend had a 99 Deville with the Northstar, he traded it in for a Lincoln LS because it was using a quart every 600 miles. As you probably guessed he drove that thing like Molasses on a cold winters day, all the time, no wonder why... But when he told me he traded it for a Lincoln I laughed, that thing will eventually burn more than the Caddy ever did, LOL piece of Junk Ford Motor Company Product... GM FOREVER!:want:

04-04-05, 01:47 AM
Just my .02...

I agree with most everyone here but let me add this...

Use second gear. The best place I have found for what I like to call my "weekly blowout" is the interstate on ramp. If traffic and visiblilty permits nail it on the bottom of the ramp. Accelerate to 5-6k rpm or 70-75 mph. Do not shift gears. Then lift your foot and let the engine brake down to 55 mph. Then shift into drive and go about your merry way. This is plenty adequate to remove carbon buildup from the combustion chambers, clean and reseal the rings/lands and remove rust, scale and buildup from your exhaust system. If you see a gray cloud of smoke behind you when you nail it you might want to perform this procedure a few times until the smoke disappears. You will notice the improved idle, fuel and oil economy. These engine live for this! Mtl

04-05-05, 12:14 PM
Funny thing about WOT (BBob will appreciate this)... I had been having major oil leak issues which would leak to smoke coming out from under the hood, everyone and their mother was telling me to either sell it or pull the engine and fix the pan. So I parked the thing for a few weeks contimplating what I should do next, then one day I had to drive to Jersey and had no other way to get there except to take my leaking/smokey car. On the way there I was smelling the usual oil crap and on my way home I dont know what it was.. probably the withdrawl of not having mashed on the gas in about a month.. I floored it to do a WOT, hit about 95 mph. Few minutes later I'm back in the city exiting the bridge expecting to smell/see lots of oil burning from what I just did... well guess what, NO smell or smoke!!! :dance: I've done about 4 WOT since then (almost 2 weeks) and the car is purring, still a little oil dripping but no smoke or heavy smell.. sometimes a faint one but not close to what is was before. Gotta love that WOT! Now to fix my 8.5mpg problem...