: Dashboard parts for 96 Fleetwood

03-31-05, 11:16 AM
:rant2: I have tried 15 OEM/used parts (salvage) outfits to no avail - looking for black ashtray (front/center) and the two vertical air louvers which are in same place on dashbaord. All these parts simply biodegraded - why not, the damned car is 9 years old by now ! GM sure used half-assed supply. Any ideas where I could find these? I have tried every online and local salvage yard I can find - it appears the 96 Fleetwoods are either rare, all rusted dead, or being held in garages for future use.

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03-31-05, 12:29 PM
I haven't compared the dash boards side by side, but wouldn't the ashtray at least be the same from '93-'96?

Not sure about the vents, but Katshot can probably answer this.

The point being, yes they are rare, but you might try looking for '93-'96.

03-31-05, 12:41 PM
I will try extending the years but I think OEM parts for 96 and earlier are gone. All the dealers I tried had parts listed but then they replied the 96 is vanished. So I guess I am looking at salvage - and they seem to fairly antiquated - they say they are online but they mostly say call them for a search - which gets to be a drag after 40 or so.

Is Katshot a regular to this forum or should I track him/her down somehow.

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03-31-05, 03:10 PM
...you have a great barber. How do you eat?

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04-06-05, 01:22 AM
GO to e-bay and enter 95 fleetwood. The part you are looking for is presently listed. There is someone parting out a 95 fleetwood. Lot of useful parts.

04-06-05, 12:51 PM
Thx for help. He had a lot of items but not my stuff. I'll keep looking.