: I just got a 95 Catera

03-30-05, 10:59 AM
Well not really. I just bought a 1995 Dark Green Vauxhall Omega GLS 2.5L V6(168HP) 5Speed. Runs very nice and has no issues. The engine looks exactly like the 3.0 in the Catera.

Im actually from Dallas,Texas. Ive decided to like and work in the UK for a while so I went and bought this car. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone.

Wales, UK

03-30-05, 04:00 PM
:welcome: to the forums'

95 was second year for the new V platform. 3.0 has its roots from the 2.5. Lucky you have a 5 speed :disappoin

What line of work are you into btw ?

03-31-05, 06:06 PM
Im a computer tech(Lan Admin).

Any problems with the 2.5 engine? Seems to run real good so far,Knock on wood. Feels pretty quick actually, hard to beleive its only 168hp.


03-31-05, 07:09 PM
Sweet im into computers as well... I.T/Windows junky

Essentially the 2.5 has some of the issues that the bigger brother 3.0 has.. oil cooler, and cam belt tensioners are what im thinking.

Just make sure you keep an eye on the coolant for discoloration or foreign substances. Also look in the oil filler neck. Usually if theres a problem, a white substance is built up in the oil filler neck from coolant contaminating oil. Check these every once and awhile to be on the safe side.

Also, how much km or miles does it have on it? 160,000km/100,000miles and its time to check or replace the cam belt and tensioners- this is normal maintenace for DOHC engines.. but doing this also puts new parts on there that were redesigned to prevent the issue with the tensioner and belt failing- should that ever be a problem. Id try to find out if anything was done via service records in the meantime.

So for now go out there and enjoy your Omega. :thumbsup: With the 2.5 youre getting about 8.5 to 60 and thats basically what the heavier Catera gets with the 3.0 200 hp. Oh and I have to ask: have any pics of it?

04-22-05, 10:53 AM
Yeh ive got some pics if yall want to see it, give me your email.

Do you know anything about putting the 3.0 cams in the 2.5 esentially making it a "GSI" 2.5L v6. Im guessing the GSI V6 makes around 185hp. I saw some 3.0 cams for around 50pound($100).

Its got about 94k miles on it. Yeh I think its about time to do some preventative mantenince(sp?) to be on the safe side. I love this car so I want it to last. Gas mileage seems to suck a bit though but Im sure thats because I have a heavy foot. I've read this car can do 139-142mph?


04-22-05, 10:55 AM
Just figured out how to post pics.