: Bizarre Coolant- A/C problem 98 Deville!!!

03-29-05, 10:05 AM
Hello, maybe somebody had the same situation...

The "check coolant level" light was coming on every 4 days and we had to add 1/2 gallon of Coolant each time. There were no visible leaks and we had the system pressure tested by a mechanic who said that he "tested it to the limit" finding no leaks (and no blockages?). He blamed the radiator cap which was replaced. The light did not come on for a week but it is back, even though we topped up the coolant a few days ago. I was going to check the level in the morning, any ideas?

The other side of the story is that the A/C will just not come on for love or money sometimes and then will come on for no apparent reason, after parking for a while and restarting the car, for example. Most of the time the A/C is very good. I tried putting the fan on high, switching between auto/econ and pressing the front defrost button to no avail and in varying combinations. It was 90 outside and I requested 60 but nothing was happening. We could feel a little cool air at our feet. I get the feeling that the car was not overheating at the time but we just need to know how to trip the system to come on. Also, just sometimes the stereo on/off button interferes with the A/C!


03-29-05, 11:15 PM
I've experienced both of your problems in my '97 Deville. The A/C problem is described exactly how my A/C/Heat worked when the blower motor went out...would work intermittently. Some days it wouldn't work at all or very slowly and then it would go 2 weeks and work perfectly until the day it stopped for good. Put a new motor in and now works as new again. Expect to pay around $240 for the motor at Napa or about $100 dollars more at the dealer. It took roughly an hour to install....take your time and work things around...it is a tight fit coming out and going back in but there is enough room.

The other problem that you describe is exactly how I would describe the beginning of my head gasket failure. I've yet to repair this but there are lots of posts and information on this subject. I hope to begin disassembly this weekend..still need to find that elusive used timesert kit.

03-30-05, 12:40 PM
Thank you so much White '97!

Best of luck with those gaskets! I have to go to a Mechanic but I have trust issues with such so I like to have some background first... (I checked it was about 3 inches below the lip base, was filled a week ago, I don't know if this is significant? The engine was juddering a little...and the check coolant light came on again..)