: Question about climate control.

Etc BrooklyN
03-28-05, 10:43 PM
Hi, from my previous knowledge of cadis ( which might not even be correct) but with there climate controls on around the 92-95 years the air will only blow out of the bottom blowers unless brought under 76 degrees if im not mistaking. On my 95 etc no matter what temp I set it to it will not blow out the top vents. Does this mean my compressors shot, or am I just shot.

03-28-05, 10:45 PM
You're not likely to get an answer for this question here in the Northstar forum since you're not asking about an engine or transmission issue. Post this in the Eldorado or HVAC forums and you'll get a much better answer.

To help you in the right direction, though, do you have any other weird problems such as with the cruise control or brakes? You could have a vacuum leak that prevents the valve from directing the air flow to the upper vents. If it seems like you have to push harder on the brake pedal to stop or if the cruise isn't working, look for a vacuum leak. I might be wrong about the cruise, though, because it's probably electronically activated rather than vacuum. I dunno. Just a thought to get you started. Good luck.

Etc BrooklyN
03-28-05, 10:51 PM
thanks alot, man that was a fast respone too.