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03-28-05, 03:05 AM
Hello To All....
Of Course Im A Newbie And Have The Following Problem....
Ok Here It Is I Just Got A 97 Catera W/98,056 Miles To Be Exact
I Got It 1wk Ago Bought It And Drove It Home For About 97 Miles
All Was Ok. The Nex Day# 1.the Check Engine Lite Comes On, And The Car Start # 2.sputter And Shake #3.the Oil Pressure Goes Up And Down But Doesnot Pass The Redline ,so The Next Day The Lite Is Still On Oil Press. Goes Up&dwn But The Sputtering Stop So The Followin Day Lite Is On And Oil Press. Goes Up/dwn Then It Start Sputtering After 40min Of Use .#4 The A/c Has A Foul Smell 4 About 5min.
So Im Calling All The Caddy Guru's To Help With This Problem

Ohhhh By The Way Oil Leves Is Ok,coolant Is Ok But Were In
World Is The Dipstick 4 The Tranny ????????? Yes,is Automatic.
Thanks Leo Dee

03-28-05, 09:39 AM
:welcome: to the world of Catera Ownership. Your wondrous journey has just begun.

Regarding the engine sputter - you need to have the engine codes read. The Check Engine light is telling you that the onboard diagnostic systems have detected a problem. Having the codes read is the only way to retrieve this information.

Regarding the oil pressure - don't worry about it as yet. The oil pressure varies with engine speed, and the sputtering is causing the engine speed to vary, and thus also the oil pressure. The key here is that it is staying out of the red, so you are virtually certain to be OK.

Regarding the A/C - change the cabin air filter (the instructions are in your owner's manual). This is easy to do and is supposed to be done every 15K miles. However, many folks forget to do it and it gets clogged with lots of junk - sometimes very smelly junk. If that fails to cure the smell, then there is probably mold growing on the A/C core or in the A/C ducts. There are some aftermarket chemical treatments for this problem that are pretty effective.

Your first purchase - after getting the above stuff fixed :) - should be a set of factory service manuals. You can get these on eBay for anywhere from $20 - $70 a set. They are full of valuable info, even if you don't do your own repairs. "An informed consumer is a wise consumer."

Also, this forum and the user's group on Yahoo are both filled with very knowledgeable people that will be delighted to help you out. Many (most) have experience with the subtleties and frustrations of Catera maintenance and repair. We will all be delighted to help where we can. For example, when you get the engine codes read, list them here and others will be delighted to tell you their experience with those particular problems and to suggest the most economical repair path.

Welcome again....

03-28-05, 12:03 PM
Welcome :o

I am with stevehogan, just get the codes we'll do whatever we can to help you out.

Since your car has 98K on the odo, your timing belt & transmission fluid are due. But there was a recall on 97 Cateras' timing belt, you need to check with a Cadillac dealer to find out if your's been done. Your WIN number should be enough to find that out.

And yes, there is no dipstick for the tranny. The car must be raised with the engine running at operational temperature and when the plug is out the oil should be at the same level with the hole (practical huh?).

Again, welcome and I guarante you that it's going to be one "helluva" ride..!

03-28-05, 12:59 PM
Here's a link to a site that sells cleaner for the A/C evaporator core. I've not used it but others I know have and they claim it works well.


03-29-05, 06:27 PM
Hey Stevehogan And Omermurat
Thank For The Reply. I Did Not Go To The Local Dealer Yet Cause I Was Told To Try And Reset The Computer By Removing The Battery Cables Open The Key Swthch To Drain Any Current And To Be Honest The Check Engine Ligth Its Gone So Did The Sputtering But The Oil Press Keeps Going Back A Fort Scince Thats Normal Its Ok. So Far Thank God That The Ligth Or The Problem Has Not Come Back . For The A/c I Will Look Into That Much Love And Appreciation For The Help Thank Guy's I Will Keep In Touch .

03-31-05, 08:53 PM
Hey Guy's
The Quick Fix By Reseting The Ecu Work Oonly For Few Day's Now I Having The Same Problem 2day So Tomorow Morning Im Taking It To The Local
Dealer Once I Get Those Code I Let You Guy's Know So I Can Get Your Input
And Advice So I Could Get This Problem Fix Thank's