: Glad I found this great site

03-27-05, 10:31 PM
I signed up the other day after finding this forum to ask about disabling the automatic door locking on my '04 SRX. So far no luck but maybe someone will stumble on a way.

I have an a white diamond '04 SRX with V8 RWD. I love driving it, it's as fast as my '78 Vette and much more practicable.

I leased it last summer and drove it to the east coast, then took the ferry to Newfoundland. The car is less then a year old and I already have over 20K Kms on it.

I'm from Milton, Ontario hence the metric mileage and visit to Newfoundland, the only province I hadn't been to yet.

The SRX is my first new caddy but not my first. I bought a '76 Sedan de Ville from my uncle a number of years ago. It was great for driving in Montreal where I lived at the time. Drivers are very agressive there but with the big caddy I just went were I wanted, people got out of my way. Too bad it was a piece of junk, rusted out while sitting in the driveway.

03-27-05, 11:47 PM
Welcome to the forums.

03-28-05, 07:56 AM
Welcome Gerry!

Congrats on the SRX! Check your owners manual there must be somthing in there. On my 99' I can use the (D)river (I)nformation (C)enter to program my door locks, security, and mirrors. Try calling the dealer, they should know.
Good luck! Thanks for joining the forum.