: Northstar size question

studio caddi
08-24-13, 10:54 PM
I was just wondering if anyone makes a larger displacement Northstar V8 than what GM offered ?

08-24-13, 11:27 PM
Not that I am aware of.

08-25-13, 10:07 AM
"Northstar" is GMs name for it's line of 32 valve, DOHC V-8s used primarily in Cadillacs, but also in Buick Lucernes, and Pontiac Bonneville GXPs, near the end of it's production life. So, there's no "Northstar" that isn't made by GM.

Now, several other upper-end manufacturers such as Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, even Hyundai, use 32 valve V-8s of varying sizes and power output that are basically similar to the "Northstar" although not exactly the same.

Also, don't forget about the 4.4 litre V-version of the "Northstar" that was available in the STS-V and XLR-V, I don't recall the production code. Sure .2 litres smaller displacement, but a lot more powerful, primarily due to supercharging. It was also "hand built". I believe the HP rating was 440 in the XLR-V and 469 in the STS-V.

studio caddi
08-27-13, 03:59 PM
I have a friend who swears that an aftermarket company makes a bigger displacement Northstar block yet I've never seem one and can't find mention of one any where . He bet me there is one so I put up this post to see if anyone else has heard of one .

08-27-13, 04:20 PM
Reel in your 'friend' on an ironclad bet for drinks and dinner at a very, very good restaurant - then spend some time in here, Northstar Performance sticky posts for some background study - and then hit the aftermarket companies - Dart, Brodix, TrickFlow, Edelbrock, Milodon, CHRfab, and any others that float your boat. (Ask your 'friend' which aftermarket cylinder heads he would install on a larger displacement 'Northstar' block.)

You CAN slightly overbore a stock Northstar for aftermarket pistons/rings, but the displacement increase is about zip-point-nothing.

Enjoy your free dinner.

(EDIT: Even a .030" overbore on an Olds 455 gets it to 461 - that's 6 cubic inches. Apply that to a 280 c.i. engine and you get less than 4 c.i.)