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03-27-05, 05:07 PM
I saw the following reply to an earlier post and have a few questions:

"I have a 97 Catera & I had the same problem. Instead of going through costly repairs I found another solution to that and it's been working just fine. It even cured my overheating problem. I just added an oil cooler. Just a little modification neded to the adaptor and there are enought space to route the hoses around. I also got rid of the cold air induction assembly and installed the oil radiator in front of the original radiator just behind the grille. Costed me $50 and afew hours and I haven't seen that annoying red light for more than a year."

1. I am curious to know where you tapped into the oil system?

2. Did you have to disassemble the upper engine to get this done?

3. Do you recall the manufacturer of the cooler, the part numbers, fitting sizes, etc. to get this done?

I am having the same problem, with no apparent engine problems. I notice I idle around 400rpm and after a while the pressure drops and stays low, causing the warning light & chime to alert. But... If I have the A/C compressor running (A/C button ON) the idle is around 600 & the problem NEVER occurs, regardless of how long the engine runs/idles. I'm considering taking it to the dealer to have the idle tweaked, as my efforts have been unsuccessful.

In any case, I'm not a fan of the oil cooler being used as a coolant heater idea, but an external cooler seems to make sense regardless.

Thanks in advance for your response.

03-27-05, 08:55 PM

As I indicated it's fairly easy and very cost effective solution which has been working on my car without a problem. The answers are as follows;

1- The oil cooler comes with an adapter that goes between the oil filter and the engine. Simply unscrew your oil filter out, mount the adaptor in, and the filter goes on top of it. The adaptor must be filed to fit as it's very close to the knock sensor. Then the hoses must be routed to the front of the car where the cooler sits. The best part is the adaptor has a built in thermostat to prevent over cooling the oil when not necessary.

2- Basicaly you don't have to disassamble any engine parts other than the front grille in order to install the cooler as you can reach the oil filter from beneath. It took me a little more than 1 hour to install it.

3- It's been a while but I believe it was a Derale made oil cooler which comes with all the hardware you need. Just visit www.summitracing.com and search for DER-15502.

I do not know your location but I'd show you my car for reference if you were somewhere in Northern VA.

Good luck :o)

04-02-05, 05:56 PM
THANKS for the info and the reply!! Been buried and finally getting back to the forum and reviewing. Apologies for taking so long to say thanks. I just changed the oil, went with Redline 20w50 and noticed a MUCH quieter engine along with much higher oil pressure at idle!! I am shopping for a cooler that fits the bil right now.

Thanks again!

04-02-05, 06:03 PM
My pleasure :-)

Red Line is arguably the best on the market right now, and 20w50 is thicker than recommended 10w30 for that engine but during summer months it should be just fine.