: Stereo help for 2007 DTS

08-23-13, 06:20 AM
I was hoping someone could help me out. A friend tried to hook up an after-market sub-woofer in place of the factory woofer and it appears to have blown out almost all of the speakers. Can it be something he did that blew them? maybe he didn't hook it back up correctly after removing after-market woofer. Is there and amp that maybe fried? Any help you could give me would be great thank you!

08-23-13, 08:48 AM
You are now in the hands of a GOOD automobile audio shop. If your DTS has the Bose sound system it is all tied together, using separate amps, extremely low impedance speakers, and different frequency bands to the different speakers. Something has partially destroyed the system, and it needs expert diagnosis.

You are nowhere near the first person to discover that Cadillac sound systems do NOT like to be messed with: Total replacement, maybe. Piecemeal, No.

Your head unit is also part of the car's serial data bus system as well as the TheftLock system. It is programmed with the car's VIN, so you can't simply swap that, either.

........... and if your "friend" :sneaky: tried to give you more bass punch, the only way in these cars is a separate bandpass box, woofer(s) and amp in the trunk - and there are special wiring harnesses available to accomplish that.