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03-26-05, 12:38 PM

I was trying to hook up my subs and amp yester day with my stock headunit so i bought a high low converter ( I thought that would be the hard part ). After all the runing of wires is done and what not i relize i have not hooked up my remote turn on for the amp. This is only saposed to be on when the car is on or in the acc mode. Does any one know how or were to hooik this wire up ? ( it is a 14 gauge wire) I tried hooking it up to my power antenna cause that is only on with the car but so far no luck. If any one have any info please help.

03-26-05, 07:02 PM
You can actually tap into your fuse panel. Just find a source that is only on when the car is on and run the wire from there to the amp.

Another option is you can run a wire from a constant source (like your battery or power wire) to a switch mounted where your heart might desire i.e. under the stering column, glovebox... you get the point. then from the switch run the wire to your amp. that way you can turn it on and off whenever you want.

Just a suggestion