: 95 deville blown head gasket

03-26-05, 09:19 AM
Got a 95 dville with a blown head gasket, has anyone ever tried blue devil head gasket repair?

03-26-05, 01:42 PM
Never heard of it. What is it?

03-26-05, 02:36 PM
No, but my guess is it may only be temporary if it works. Sounds like something someone might use for a quick fix so that they can sell it to some unsuspecting buyer. I'm sure you would not want to do something like that.

If you like the car and want to keep it, have it done right, or do it yourself if you are inclined. If you don't intend to keep it, then it might be better to sell it as is to someone willing to repair it, or junk it?

03-28-05, 08:57 PM
Someone on another board said that the blue devil company does not reccomend it on northstars. I would contact the MFG before going ahead with it.

03-28-05, 09:23 PM
Any cure-in-bottle like that is a waste of time and money. It might slow the leak down for a few miles but is in no way a long term repair..nor even a short term repair....LOL Don't waste your money and fill the cooling system with some crap that will just make the real repair that much more difficult.