: Interchangeability of VIN: 9 and VIN: Y transmissions?

08-22-13, 10:15 AM
Hi my transmission on my 2000 Deville DTS VIN: 9 just gave out. The car will rev but will not move. Ive been driving with no reverse, neutral, 3rd, or 2nd for 8000miles; thanks to rigging up my starter for it to start automatically in drive. So im surprised it gave out suddenly, but at the same time i kinda saw it coming.
So ive been looking for used transmissions and i found a great deal with a 6month warranty at a junkyard...but the VIN is Y.
Does anybody know if you can use a VIN Y tranny in a VIN 9 car?

And if not, are '00,'01, or '02 transmissions with VIN: 9 interchangeable at all?

08-22-13, 10:47 AM
Unless you swap the final drive, no, you cannot use a vin Y 4T80E in a vin 9 car.

08-22-13, 11:05 AM
i just looked at my transmission, behind the wheel, and just read that the tranny is 4T80E.... but i double checked and my VIN 8th digit is 9......help...

08-22-13, 01:00 PM
All these transmissions are 4T80E - VIN 9 uses a 3.71:1 "performance" final drive; the VIN Y uses a 3.11:1 "cruise" final drive - each vehicle's PCM is programmed for the specific model/drivetrain installed.

Have you puled the trouble codes from the car's built-in scanner/reader ? There might be something there that would point to either fluid pressure or shift solenoid faults - and your shift solenoids and valve body can be changed with a transmission pan drop only.

The proper year group and definitions link in the sticky thread ^^^ "How to pull codes".

08-29-13, 05:30 PM
Talked to seller of 95 Sts. Only had 1-2. He Put in used trans and still has 1-2 only. Also had code for gear ratio. Vin y vs 9 issue?