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08-21-13, 10:46 AM
I'm trying to save some money by replacing my beat-up rear bumper myself. I found a good replacement but I'm wondering how big of a job it is to replace it myself. You guys helped me a lot with the front bumper removal to change my headlight bulbs now I'm hoping for the same for the removal of my rear bumper on my 06 dts. Thanks in advance, fellow caddy owner

08-21-13, 07:49 PM
You need a bumper cover with sensors. This cover is a molding made of thick flexible material which, among other things, absorbs small dings and dents. You can buy this plastic primed black/grey cover online and get it painted at your local paint & body shop to match your Caddy's color.

First make sure to review how this bumper cover is installed on your Caddy. I believe, based on my brief observations under & around my Caddy, it is attached to the car with 23 clips, bolts/nuts and screws. There are three plastic clips on the lower rear bottom of the bumper. Open the trunk & you'll find a row of six clips. The top rear part of the bumper is attached with these six clips accessible from inside the trunk. There are four bolts attached on both sides of the bumper skirt (a total of eight) with 11mm or 12 mm nuts. Finally there are three plastic clips attached to the wheel wells on the both sides of the bumper skirt (a total of six). If you have chrome moldings on the wheel wells, like mine, then you may have to remove these moldings. Installation of the bumper is the reversal of the removal process.

NOTE: These removal instructions are based on the observations of my Caddy. I have not removed/installed the bumpers on a Caddy. I have, however, replaced the rear bumper of another GM car few years back.

08-22-13, 10:07 AM
Thanks jazoo!