: Just got these for my ride

03-24-05, 08:52 PM

I really dont know what type of speakers I should run with it. I currently have a set of MTX 12's in the trunk.


http://images.bestbuy.com/BestBuy_U.../6983302_sa.jpg (http://images.bestbuy.com/BestBuy_US/images/products/6983/6983302_sa.jpg)

Do yall think these are good pieces?

I really hate that I spent 500.00 on these, but I like them so far. Well the head unit anyway, I havent hooked the amp up yet. Had to go to work.

Oh yeah, what is signal to noise ration. what is better 105db or 94db??
http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid66/pa485679d012be70db9b7827eff0f61c2/fbe0f06c.jpg.thumb.jpg (http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures.html?show_all=1&start=1&id=4289877255) http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid66/pd3fa04dd1e24a6c309969ad05fe897b4/fbe0f081.jpg.thumb.jpg (http://www.cardomain.com/member_pages/view_page.pl?page_id=313047)

03-24-05, 10:05 PM
Signal to noise ratio, higher is better, but not the only thing to look for. Some people think you can't tell a difference above around 90 dB. There's some audiophiles around here that can really give you an opinion.


03-25-05, 02:03 AM
Signal/noise ratio of 104 means 104dB of music come through for every 1dB of noise you don't want. Higher is better obviously, but don't spend much more for a product with a better SNR because once it's in the 90-95 you won't hear any noise anyway.

03-25-05, 08:04 PM
I wanted this --> Pioneer 7700mp (http://www.pioneerusa.com/pio/pe/images/portal/cit_3442/150874695DEH-P7700MP_big.jpg). Bought it, went home ripped my old Kenwood (http://images.cardomain.net/products/ken/KENKDC516S_1.jpg) out of the dash, ran to the trunk to get the Pioneer. opened the box and the only thing in it was Plastic rapped around the Cd player.

No remote.
No wires to hook it up.
No booklets. OK there were booklets. but they were smashed to the bottom of the box so I dont count those.
But I tell you what I did have , inside the plastic along side my CD player. A cut piece speaker wire. :annoyed:

Took it back to Bestbuys and they didnt haveanymore. So I got the Alpine. $265.?? :hmm: but Im pleased with it:disappoin