: sun roof help

08-20-13, 06:05 AM
My new to me 06 DTS will be in the shop for the third time in the three months I've owned her,for issues with the sun roof. It gets stuck open first it was a track replacement then the motor was replaced now I don't know what to expect. Olsen Cadillac has been darn decent about all of this,it just quite anxiety producing not knowing if this is going to be a continuing problem. The current issue is the roof is stuck in the vent position and makes a clicking noise when I engage the buttons .Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks

08-20-13, 07:44 AM
Are they using new parts? is it being done under warranty? I'd ask them to replace the whole assembly.

Olsen in Wouburn?

08-21-13, 08:12 PM
Yea they said the parts to replace assembly were new. I couldn't get to the woburn today training on the job today prevented me from keeping the appointment reschedule in the works. First two times were on their dime. As these "new" parts are less than three months old I figure they are covered

08-22-13, 05:43 PM
So did they repair the original assembly, or replace it entirely?