: After Market Keys & Keyless Remotes

03-23-05, 10:48 AM
I just picked up our 200 Catera and it has a few ...:want: ... and I will search and need be ask each on different threads.
The car came with only one key, bent at that, and one keyless remote. I called the dealership in the area that I bought the car and they do not have in stock and then I got the sticker shock. $118 plus programming. I have found aftermarket keys on EBAY for 1/3 of that.
Has anyone bought an aftermarket key and if so were there any problems with?
Also, I found keyless remotes on ebay. I have bought them for my other cars and was able to even program them myself. The Cadi being newer and being a Cadi I figure it must be programmed at the dealer. Has anyone had problems getting remotes programmed at the dealer or am I lucky enough that there is a way that I can program it myself?
Thanks and sorry for being so wordy:yup:

03-23-05, 04:07 PM
My experience with aftermarket keys was less than stellar. Bought a set from streetkeys.com (they also sell on eBay). After paying to get the keys AND paying them for their supposedly-available local programming service (which I verified BEFORE I bought) and after 6 weeks of screwing around with them, they told me that the nearest place that could program their keys was almost 100 miles away. I live in a secondary market - Madison, WI, population 480,000. They did have a guy here who could program their keys but he wanted $65 for the first key and $40 for each additional key. That made the whole deal more expensive than the dealer. The published price on streetkeys.com (which I paid) was $30 for the pair. I ended up paying for shipping both ways in order to get a refund from those idiots. :mad:

On my second attempt, I found an aftermarket key on eBay that needed to be programmed by a locksmith with an Ilco RW2 programming device (essentially a device that clones your current key ID into a specially-designed aftermarket key). After verifying that one of my local locksmiths had such a device, I bought the key. When I took it to my locksmith, he told me that he "didn't know how to run the RW2 machine." I guess I was too STUPID to ask the right question. Of course, he announced that AFTER he had cut the key, so no refund possible. :banghead:

I guess the moral is to find a locksmith who actually stocks the keys locally (good luck) and go to them. Or admit defeat and go to the dealer. Mine charged $93 for the key + $30 to program it.

On the remotes, you will have better luck. You can actually get the second remote on eBay - I got mine for $9. (I see them for anywhere from $5 to $40 on eBay.) You do have to take it to the dealer, though, (and pay them $30 in tribute) as a Tech II Scan Tool is REQUIRED to program the second remote. :helpless: If buying the second remote used, make sure that you get the one that matches your car. The part numbers vary from year to year and you should buy the one that is the proper mate for the one you already own. Somewhere on this forum, I and others compared notes and you will find the mating numbers.

Good luck - and a curse on the idiot at Cadillac who made the second key and remote an "option." :rant2:

03-23-05, 07:47 PM
I live in Northern VA and went to Baldino's to get my key cloned more than a year ago. They didn't have the blank key ready but ordered it for me, after two weeks they cut and programmed it for around $50 (it's been a while:o).

03-24-05, 12:17 PM
Steve Hogan - I live in Madison, WI too and I just had to get a new key for my 2000 sport because I added remote start. Bergstrom Cadillac programmed my key with no problem for $20. Why would you go to a private locksmith before Bergstrom to have it programmed?

03-24-05, 12:46 PM
My original plan was to get an aftermarket key ($39.99 for 2) from streetkeys.com on eBay + $30 programming (by a supposed distributor of streetkeys.com allegedly in Verona) and thus be done with it for less than the $93 + 30 + tax that Bergstrom wanted. That didn't work out - after the sale and 6 weeks of screwing around with them, they wanted me to drive to Arlington Hts. IL to get the keys programmed. Duh.

Then I went with another aftermarket key ($29 on eBay) plus the $20 that J & K Lock service quoted me (before I bought the eBay key). J&K were the idiots that couldn't work their own programming machine AFTER they cut the key blank making it unreturnable.

I then admitted defeat and went to Bergstrom and bought an OEM key and had them program it. Wonder why it cost me $30 for programming instead of the $20 you paid? Was your new key an aftermarket key or OEM?

Sometimes I'm just too smart for my own good :bouncy:

03-24-05, 03:17 PM
Hmm, I'm not sure.. The people at Bergstrom seem kind of shady when it comes to prices... I bought my key on ebay for $25.00 (a cadillac key exactly like my OEM one) and took it to Bergstrom for programming and they charged $20.

My dad owns a 2000 Catera also and when he goes there he deals with Aaron (I do too now that I have a Catera). Anyway he has had a few unpleasant experiences there and has thrown a few temper tantrums so every time he goes in with his car or I go in with my car Aaron takes care of us and makes sure we're 110% happy... Hehe I get a DTS rental car reserved for me every time I have to drop my car off.

Anyway next time you go Bergstom, deal with Aaron... He seems to have his head on his shoulder tighter than the rest of them there.

03-24-05, 06:11 PM
Will remember to ask for Aaron.

The "key" ;) to your success was that you bought a REAL OEM key on eBay. They are pretty rare (although there is one listed now). The aftermarket keys are typically "clone" keys i.e. the transponder is blank and the cloning machine (the RW2 I mentioned earlier) copies the code from your original and writes it to the new clone key.

My limited experience at Bergstrom has been not great. They take a long time to do anything. Almost two hours to program my keyless remote (which is a 5 minute job with a Tech II). Their website is worthless. It allows you to schedule service but the input goes into a black hole. Ditto for any email that you send in via their site.

So, I'm not the only Catera geek in Madison, eh? Was beginning to feel lonely :histeric:

03-25-05, 02:05 PM
Haha! Nope, you're not the only Catera geek in Madison... I think I might have ya beat!

Custom 19" chrome wheels and a $4000+ stereo... Call me a die hard!

03-27-05, 06:16 PM
Haha! Nope, you're not the only Catera geek in Madison... I think I might have ya beat!

Custom 19" chrome wheels and a $4000+ stereo... Call me a die hard!

hey I live in mukwanago and I own a cetera. Do you know if 20' rims would fit this car .