: Seville Norway

Jon Pedersen
03-23-05, 05:18 AM
Hello !

I am visiting this side to learn more about my Seville STS 95
In Norway ther is not many of this cind so i have to read about the car to learn :yup:

03-23-05, 07:51 AM
Welcome Jon!

Thanks for joining the forum! It's good to hear from our european friends.
I have included a couple of links that will give you some of the history and specs on your 1995 seville:
http://100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1990/cad95.htm (1995 VIN info)
http://100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1990/cad95s.htm (1995 Seville info)
Good luck. When you get a chance post a picture or two.