: 99 Catera - Trunk lock release problem

08-17-13, 10:18 PM
I am unable to open my trunk from the button on the dash or with the remote key fob. Doors and fuel door are ok. I have checked all of the fuses and they are all fine. I now have to tie a cord to the manual release handle, then lower the back seat to pull it, every time I need to open the trunk - it's a drag. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the cause may be?

08-17-13, 11:52 PM
Happened to me. I had my cord going through the back seat so I wouldn't have to lower the seat :p

First thing to check - .

Check that there are no broken wires in the cable bundle that goes from the trunk to the trunk lid where it folds. This is the cable on the left side that folds when the trunk closes. After years of opening and closing, you often get a broken wire in there.

If you can't find a broken wire, you need a trunk latch actuator. Look on Ebay.

08-18-13, 08:26 PM
Well, I removed the trunk lid cover and inspected the entire mechanism. The actuator works fine from the remote fob and also from the trunk release button inside the car when the trunk is open, but not when it's closed. The cables are attached and in good condition. I am puzzled as to why it won't open when it is closed. All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

08-18-13, 09:30 PM
Spray the heck out of the latch mech with WD40. Had a problem with my hood latch and WD40 took care of it.

08-18-13, 09:48 PM
I have the same problem from time to time. I just chalk it up to the electrical mess that is a Catera!