: belt

03-22-05, 07:04 PM
how do you install a belt for a 95 cadillac deville

03-22-05, 08:52 PM
The serpentine accessory drive belt...???

First, make yourself a tool by taking a 2 foot piece of scrap 3/8 tubing and bend a 1 inch "L" on one end. Use this as a skinny third hand to reach down into the engine compartment to route the belt around the pulley.

Removing the old belt is a cinch...take a pocket knife and cut it....LOL. Seriously, release the tension on the belt by unloading the tensioner with a 1/2 breaker bar in the square drive lug on the tensioner arm. With the tensioner unloaded, slip the belt off the large top pulley on the PS pump. Release the tensioner and unthread the belt.

Thread the new belt into the pulleys using the belt routing diagram under the hood an/or make yourself a diagram of the old belt routing before you take the old one off. This is where the special tool is handy. Leave the power steering pulley for the last. Unload the tensioner, pop the belt over the PS pulley at the top and you're done. You can also reach thru the right front wheel well with the tire off to route the belt around the pulleys at the bottom if you cannot manage it with the tool.