: The next time you walk into your Cadillac dealer...

03-22-05, 10:44 AM
...tell them about CadillacOwners.com.. I'd like to get more Cadillac dealerships participating around here.. I'd like to see dealers selling their cars and trucks in our classified section and I'd like to hear about new incentives and great deals as quickly as possible...

03-26-05, 01:28 PM
my local cadillac dealer snubbed me when i took my deville in for an estimate on damage from a tire blowout. we don't need them around.

03-26-05, 05:54 PM
Yeah Sal, i think we need a few more years before Cadillac dealers even figure out that the Internet exists;). They are certainly in the past when it comes to customer relations (for the most part anyway) and most of them don't realize that young people want to buy a Cadillac AND HAVE THE MONEY to do so, so they just treat them terribly.

Which results in those yuppies going over to BMW or Mercedes or Lexus or someone else who doesn't care how old they are, but rather that they have money to buy a luxury car. Even though Cadillac is cool and hip now, the dealers are still in the mindset that they are selling old people cars...

03-26-05, 08:54 PM
not my local Caddy dealer. i told them about the site and they said they would tell people about it. i even showed them the site and they were pretty impressed with it. they always take good care of me and my Caddies. they are one of the best dealerships around (Courtesy Chevrolet Cadillac Subaru).

03-27-05, 02:37 AM
Snubbed by dealer too. Probably spoke to the wrong guy (he was a sales dude) only interested in "puttin someone in a caddy off the lot today"

03-29-05, 03:03 AM
The two dealer's near me, treat me great. In fact, CadillacChris (I think that's his username?), is a member here. I think most of the problem, is that a majotiy of employess, at alot of Cadillac dealers, are old to begin with. Next time I'm at my other dealer, I'll suggest the site to them. I'm good friend with the service writers there (both in their mid-late 20's, and cool as hell), and everyone there, is extremely nice.

OIn the other hand, the old dealer I got service at, was horrible. That was back in Ridgewood, NJ. One of the richest, most snobby town in North Jersey. One of the sales people there, sent me a hand written letter, inquiring as to whether or not I'd be interested in purchasing a Cadillac. I decided to check it out, on the way to my friends house. I walked around the showroom floor, waiting for someone to ask if I needed help, or at least had a question. At the time, I was wearing my nice Cadillac hat, had a somewhat casual dress T-shirt on, and a nice pair of slack's on, (not sure exactly why I wa dressed that way? :hmm: ). Anyway, even though I look very presentable, and professional, nobody would help me. Finally, after 30 minutes, I said "Screw this!" out loud and just walked out. I've had my car serviced there for over a year, even get a hand written letter, and yet I still get the cold shoulder.

I think most of the problem, is that this dealer has been there, since like 1920 or something, and everybody who works there is so full of themselves. They automatically assume, that people will just walk in there, and say, "Here's my money, where's my car". They just don't want to work for their money (i.e. help the customer). It's rather sad, and that's why I stopped going there.

It's a very different story down here in PA though. Every Cadillac dealer I've been too, has been very friendly, and extremely helpful. I was kind of suprised when I walked into the big Chevrolet dealer right down the road from me though. At the time I was looking for a closer place to get my car serviced. When I walked in, I was wearing my Cadillac hat (as usual), a T-shirt, some jeans (no holes), and some sneakers. The sales dude at his desk, stood up, and walked in front of me, as soon as I walked in the door. He asked me if I needed help, in a rather condescending tone, as if I was there to make trouble. As soon as I mentioned that I was inquiring about service for my Cadillac STS, his tone changed dramatically. All of the sudden, he referred to me as "Sir", and directed me right over to the service department, where he stayed, until I was finished. He then saw me out the door, as I was leaving. Needless to say, I haven't been back there, since then.

I always thought that one of the big things they always taught sales people at dealerships, was not to judge a book by it's cover, so to speak. You never know who will walk into a dealer, wearing loafers, a paint covered T-shirt, and some torn up jeans, and walk out with a $100,000 car. I guess I was wrong. It's a real shame, that so many dealers, are incapable of selling the product, and instead piss off, or scare away possible customer's. Maybe one day they will learn. :helpless:

03-29-05, 02:04 PM
I really don't get it. My first 2 cars I bought through my friend's dealership. I bought my Brougham in a private sale. But I feel like, when I am ready to buy a new car, I should get good service. You're talking about tens of thousands of dollars being moved around. I don't mean they have to get their lips up my butt, just treat me like you would want to be treated if you were going to transfer many thousands of dollars to somebody. How do these places stay in business with that type of attitude? Don't they want to make as many sales as they possibly can? http://cadillacforums.com/forums/images/smilies/hmmm.gif http://cadillacforums.com/forums/images/smilies/dizzy.gif http://cadillacforums.com/forums/images/smilies/tsk.gif