: Cadillac is cool again!

03-22-05, 09:46 AM

03-22-05, 10:36 AM
Cadillac is, in deed riding a favorable wave of popularity these days IMO, totally due to the totally unexpected success of the Escalade. Ya just gotta love the MTV generation! Like the article said, that success can easily evaporate as quickly as it appeared but I would say take advantage of it while you can. The love fest between the rich and famous (or infamous) and Cadillac in the 20's grew right through the 40's and into the 50's. There's no reason to think that a good product tie-in with the new generation of rich and famous (or infamous) would be a bad thing. I think Cadillac should flaunt the hell out of it while they can.
It just shows to go ya that sometimes regardless of product quality, pricing, incentives, or even styling, a vehicle can be a hit. No marketing analyst could've possibly forecast this.

03-27-05, 01:53 AM
Katshot hits the bullseye ;and, the
nail on the head on this one. I could
elaborate at great lengths ;but, it would
only serve to reinforce his meritorious
position in this particular regard.
Cadillac will always benefit from
'Americaniconism' in that it is a truly
noble and archetypal brand. Think Ms. M.
Monroe, Mr. Bogart, James Dean, Al Capone,
the original Ratpack and all the Presidents....
Beautiful people, the sportscelebrity clique,
and the PopGangsta' crew will be all over the Caddy
like stink on sh.t, as long as they think that they
are stylin' or being duly recognized and
respected as solid dudes, straight up pimps
and/or playa' G's when they're rollin'...

TomDeville :coolgleam

Night Wolf
04-02-05, 11:17 PM
they mention how Cadillac is also finally getting some muscle....

the is NOT true....

I will start with the '70's...... ok... 500cubic inches.... 8.2 liters.... even when emmisons and other crap came into play, these cars still had huge amounts of power.... plenty of muscle there.....

I think the early-mid 80's was the only time Cadillac was bad on power... with the HT4100/Olds 307.... even when the 4.5 came out in 1988 it was making decent power....

but then with the 4.9.... it was one of the fastest FWD cars in its day, and still holds its own today.... that was the early 90's.......

then int he mid 90's with the NorthStar, any L37 Northstar-euiped car was good for a mid-14 second 1/4 mile.....

the "muscle" was always there... it was never advertised as such, I really believe a car like the last Eldorado ETC would have been a huge hit, the way it was witht he crowd that is interested in the CTS/STS etc.... ever the Seville STS.... but it was sold as an old persons car.... times are changing though.....

04-03-05, 09:36 AM
Cadillac is cool again!

I just mentioned this in another thread.

Did you notice they use Led Zeppelin in commercials (not Frank Sinatra)???

They broke the mold with the CTS. I hate to use this cliche, but the CTS is not your father's Cadillac. The CTS appeals to a much younger audience.

The V Series is really really cool.

The Escalade is the best SUV on the market.

The XLR is hot.

The STS is a real good alternative for some of the more upscale models from BMW and Mercedes.

5 Years ago, I wouldn't even consider getting a Cadillac. BMW was the only car for me back then, but things have really changed.

04-03-05, 10:02 PM
SilverCTSOwner - Age: 42

Exactly who they're going for! With that Led Zeppelin that you probably grew up to listening to. They're hooking you in while you're "young". Its a CTS now, but when you hit the standard cadillac "65 to dead" age group:histeric:then your back will start to hurt, develop authritis, can't hear your blinker anymore and then will be the perfect time for the Deville, err....."DTS":lildevil:

Sorry if you feel somewhat offended (i didn't mean it that way), but you were the perfect example (with your age and all:rolleyes:)

04-05-05, 02:29 AM
I didn't think much of Cadillac a few years ago. I really like the V series!

Here is an STS-V


Here is a video of the new STS-V


from motorsportscenter.com on the 2006 Cadillac STS-V

"The supercharged Northstar V8: 4.4 liters, 440 hp, 430 lb-ft of torque - 90% of which is available from 2200 to 6000rpm, and VVT. This supercharger is worthy of special note - engineers were happy to tell us that this blower operates with some 30% less drag than the Ford GT's supercharger, and the intercooler has 50 cooling fins per inch length of the pipeline."

04-20-05, 01:31 AM
Cadillac has always been cool. It's just that at specific times the coolness was associated with certain people(pimps in 60's,70's)(Mobsters in the 80's)IMO.
But guess what: I LOVE Cadillacs and I hope to always have 2-3 in my stable of cars.
Caddys are the greatest. Lead,follow,or get the f**k out of the way. Caddys are leaders.
I want the new supercharged northstar, can I have it,can I have it, ??ppplllleeeaaassseeeeee !!