View Full Version : 2nd Generation BLS May Come To U.S.

03-22-05, 07:58 AM
Excerpt from automotivenews.com:

The second-generation BLS will be developed off the automaker's Epsilon II architecture. It is expected to debut around 2010.

Cadillac General Marketing Manager Jim Taylor said the next generation could be suitable for North America. But, he said, no decision has been made.

Taylor was interviewed March 1 at a GM event in Geneva. Asked whether the next-generation BLS will be sold in North America, Taylor said: "It could be. It could be. The next generation it is up for debate."

He said GM might need to move the next-generation CTS a little upmarket to create space in the line for the BLS.

Plans to globalize the Epsilon II vehicles, allowing for production in the United States, could avoid the currency issue. Next-generation BLS vehicles may include a convertible, coupe and all-wheel-drive versions.

03-24-05, 10:10 PM
Sweet, I'm still alittle iffy on the BLS, i dont know, it looks...nice? humm, i dunno, im still a huge CTS/ XLR fan.

Is this gunna look any different from the current BLS model they have going now?