: 2003 SLS ECM code: DTC "P0300

03-22-05, 02:57 AM
"Engine Misfire"

Anyone care to assist me with this? To date, I have replaced the crank sensors but not the cam sensor, the alternator and cleaned both coil packs. It runs great but MIL flashes 15 or 20 times then sets to on. Any suggestions?

Scott in Nashville

03-24-05, 05:05 AM
One of the most common GM OBDII codes.

Po300 is engine misfire detected. You can see which cylinder using a GM Tech 2. We have a GM Tech 2 and are in Nashville (near Brentwood.)

The flashing check engine light is indicating that the miss is bad enough to potentially damage the cat converter.

Could be bad plug or coil pack.

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