: My 1987 Coupe DeVille

03-22-05, 01:57 AM
I got my 1st Caddy on Feb.18th/05, and it's been love ever sice. There are some minor detail issues that I will get out of the way in time. Let me share my Cadillac experience:

The car drives awesome. The 4.1 V8 purrs like a kitten. The few gripes I have is the lack of power. Lately, I've been finding that it's burning alot of gas, will have that checked out. I also have an axle that is leaking, my mechanic is getting the parts to fix it. He said it was okay to drive it for now, will have it fixed soon.

As far as creature comforts, nothing beats this car. I wish the climate control had more functions to it, and the outside temp button is hard to reach, my hand rubs against the gearshift when I hit the button.

Overall, I love this car. It generates alot of attention. A buddy at work who has a 95-97 Monte Carlo loves the car, said it's in wicked shape for the year. One night, me & my friends were parked at a local hangout & on the other side of the parking lot, a bunch of 20-something idiots (I'm 32 & can still party with the best of them) were throwing snowballs. When I pulled out, the Monte dude said a guy almost hit my car with a snowball. He told "hey man, that guy loves his caddy,it's his baby, you put a dent in it & he'll do the same to your face" That was cool that he defended my Caddy.

I've had a few offers on it already, and I've only had it a month. People come up to me in mall parking lots & ask about it. It's a deep black cherry metallic with the white vinyl convertible-style top & wire wheel covers, looks awesome. I'm looking at getting an '86 Fleetwood (FWD), hope I'm the lucky buyer.

I've been stung by the Caddy bug & lovin' it!!!

I've been called everything from pimp to grampa since I got it LOL. Even the cops pulled me over to look at it!!!

P.S. I think this post was supposed to go into the Cadillac Reviews section!!! Hope I did it right LOL.

02-17-12, 08:00 PM
Well i am checking out a 87 Coupe Deville tomorrow.

01-01-15, 06:36 PM
Sounds like a clone of my Caddy, except LuvCads describes the top as "convertible style." That suggests the whole top is vinyl. Mine is called 'cabriolet;' that's vinyl only over the rear seating area of the roof.