: Plugged battery backward :(

03-21-05, 09:41 AM
Hey guys, I know this is not for a Cadillac but its the only forum im registered to and i need some advice.
Its for my Girlfriend first car. I found her a nice 92 Mazda Protege with 168 000km on it, very clean, well equiped for 700$ with new tires, some body work to do and no battery.

The battery cable where note clearly marked, one black, and the other one black.... hummm So i plugged the battery the WRONG way, the MAIN fuse blowed. I replaced the main fuse and now whenever the key is at the ON position (not start) the starter will engage, start the engine, and remain engaged...
Do you think i f*ked the car for good? or is it just the starter solenoid thats "welded" together and engaging whenever there is current in the system.

The engine runs so the computer must be OK, lights, sunroof and heater run fine also.

03-21-05, 12:54 PM
Good luck... :)

look if you not have a wire that is burn... many part can be broke.. look at your intake sensor...

other than that you beather to see a spécialiste ... it's probably cost you 100$ to know what wrong.

03-21-05, 09:30 PM
Finally only the starter was busted, starter changed, now everything is fine!