View Full Version : What happens when Japan catches up to Detroit in design? We’re about to find out.

03-21-05, 09:17 AM
Detroit can't afford to get by on boring me-too designs anymore. Look at the new models from General Motors: the Chevy Cobalt, the Buick LaCrosse, the Cadillac STS. These new cars are much better than the ones they replaced, but there's not a head-turner in the bunch.

Ford is somewhere in the middle: its designs aren't the success of Chrysler's but they aren't as weak as GM's. (http://www.thecarconnection.com/index.asp?article=8312)

But for GM the clock is ticking. February's market share fell near 24 percent, a low for a non-strike month in modern times. The old rebates don't seem to be working. The most successful GM vehicles, the big pickups and SUVs (Chevy Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe and the GMC brothers), have been around too long and the replacement models aren't in sight yet. Thus there could be some hard times ahead and sharper criticism of GM's top managers than seen in the past.

03-22-05, 02:16 AM

Your commendable effort to stir the
proverbial pot '' 'ain't' gettin' no
bites "!!?!

Maybe, people can't address the
harsh reality of the facts, or alternatively
are fearsome of the alleged 'personal
attacks' that you may be inclined to
dispense. Sarcasm is merely an escape.

Japan and Germany were supposed to have
lost the War. Their rides were Not supposed
to be the sweethearts of the modern day North
American driveway and garage.

Cadillacs are unfortunately the only new
era headturners on the block.

TomDeville :coolgleam

03-22-05, 10:24 AM
Your commendable effort to stir the
proverbial pot '' 'ain't' gettin' no
bites "!!?!

We got a 'fix GM' discussion going on elsewhere in this section.

So drop on by! :welcome: