: Extended Warranty?

03-21-05, 07:02 AM
I have seen a few recommendations to purchase and extended warranty when buying a used Catera. I would like more thoughts on this. I just purchased a 2000 Catera Sport with ~67k miles.
Would it be advisable for me to purchase the E/W?
What could I expect to pay?
Any other items that I may be to new to ask.
Thanks :grouphug:

03-22-05, 01:38 PM
Id suggest going with a GM type extended warranty - and make sure it has excellent coverage (read all the small text). To ensure that your car is properly taken care of. May be in the range of 100 - 600 $ possibly more.

03-22-05, 06:14 PM
I purchased an extended GM warranty on my catera...it cost me $2500...last 2yrs, so far I have not been able to use it...my engine oil cooler broke, didnt cover it. i got a hose leak, warranty didnt cover that either..now my valves & gasket needs fixing...im taking it in tomorrow-so far i would have been better off with no warranty. Even if it covers my repairs I have to pay $100 deductible AND 50% of the repairs. But that's just me...you might be better off with one. Good Luck!

03-22-05, 06:57 PM
Wow! What kind of a GM warranty wouldn't cover the oil cooler. Heck, that's part of the bloody engine! What does it cover if not that? How did they avoid paying for that? Sounds like a major rip off to me. FWIW, my only experience with a GM extended warranty was on my 93 Vette whch had a leaky intake manifold gasket. It was covered, however, the deductible plus the "non-covered" portion of the repair (new oil, coolant, etc) at the dealer was more than the total cost at the independent garage that I ended up having do the job. I feel your pain.....

03-23-05, 11:23 AM
I have GM Major Guard extended warranty through Caddy Dealer. If Caddy dealer say's issue is not covered under warranty go directly to GM warranty. They will take care of the problem. I had condensation in my headlights. Caddy dealer said they were not covered under warranty also had issue's with my brakes squeeking Caddy dealer said that was not covered also. I called GM warranty directly both issues were taken care of free of charge. Also deductible was waived due to the run around. I strongly recommend GM warranty. I don't like to be caught with my panties hangin in the wind :yup:
Peace :)