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08-14-13, 04:17 PM
Ok I searched the V1 sections and read the FAQ and did not find this. Which surprises me.

Alignment and options.

So what does it come factory?
How much can you get, typically, for camber, front and rear?
What are some good good numbers for caster on the car to keep the steering feel good at higher camber settings?
Does this tend to like a bit of toe-in in the rear like the C5? (it is a split axle that looks about the same).

This is on a stock V1, no mods. Just curious.
I'm going to throw it on a premium Hunter rack and find out anyway.
This would just save me some guess work.

If I messed a good discussion this then I apologize if you can point me to a thread that covers this.


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08-14-13, 11:04 PM
As a data point I have been running the aggressive street setting in that link for two years and I love it.

I'd suggest a bit of toe to adjust for the crown in the road. Otherwise it's a good compromise between the stock settings which leave the steering kind of vague and the full race specs.

My last set of tires wore even with that alignment. Didn't even bother rotating them as the wear was equal all around.

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08-14-13, 11:32 PM
Thanks guys. The only difference I see from what I use for street and track settings on my Z06. The Caddy has more camber to the rear.